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LOCATION: Los Angeles

In the fashion world, the word icon is thrown around rather loosely. Often people ask who my style icons are but a question that I find so much more personal and thought provoking is; “what styles are your icons”, focusing the question on the fashion rather….

Dreams of San Fran

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LOCATION: San Francisco

There are things in my life that I am rather last minute about but Holiday shopping however, is not one of them. It’s almost like a sport for me, plotting the play by figuring out the perfect gift for my loved ones and then executing my plan of attack based on sales…

Breezy As Can Be

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Since you’re here and reading this, I assume you are some what of a fashion enthusiast and visit blogs like mine for inspiration. Am I right? For me, seeking inspiration started at a young age. I would peruse my sisters fashion mags until I was old enough to form….