A Grand Fête

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LOCATION: Beverly Hills

As you may have seen by way of my Instagram, I’ve been working closely with Martha Stewart Weddings to take you along my bridal journey in hopes to inspire brides to be around the world! It’s been such a privilege to share this journey with each of you, it’s so personal and special to me. I feel a tremendous amount of love surrounding my big day….

Choo Hound

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LOCATION: Palm Springs

It’s not often a luxury capsule collection for our favorite furry friends comes along but when it does, you can count on Margo & me to be the first to get our paws on it! Jimmy Choo has always been my go-to. After all, my initials are about to become JC! Not only will we share initials but also love and admiration for luxury, fashion forward footwear….

Delicate Details

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LOCATION: Los Angeles

Any piece of jewelry, engagement ring to a celebratory gift is an investment piece. Something that you will cherish for the rest of your life. A memory made tangible – for when you look at it, you see not just the physical beauty of the piece, but the feelings you felt the first moment your eyes met it. For me, knowing the craft and quality behind the design is one of the most important qualities of any piece of jewelry I invest in. I want to know where, how, why!