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West Hollywood
August 25, 2016

Ask and you shall receive! In today’s YouTube post, I’m getting up close and personal with each and every one of you and answering each and everyone of your questions, starting with ABOUT ME. Have questions? Want to know more? How about the inside scoop? Leave your questions in the comments below to hear about my story and my journey through this amazing thing we call life.

Press play to hear all about me and how I got my start. Hungry for more? Click HERE to subscribe to my very own YouTube channel!

Video by Tim & Co.


love it!

Jenny! I realize this blogging-related comment comes super late compared to the rest, but if you haven’t yet shot your Deskside Diary on the business of blogging yet, one more question for you: POSING! Specifically, how the heck do you make it look so effortless, natural, and different every dang time?! How did you learn to pose for the camera, what tips and tricks do you have, etc. Would love some inside scoop! Thank you 🙂

Absolutely loved this video! I love how you are so honest and we can really get to know you!

I have a few questions for your next business of blogging Q&A –

1. Did you have a blog mentor when you were starting out? Someone you could go to for advice or help.
2. How do showrooms work? Did you just contact different ones saying you are a fashion blogger? How did this work when you didn’t have a huge following?
3. What source of revenue do you find to be the most profitable? (For example, sponsored content, affiliate links, appearances)
4. How did you develop good solid relationships with brands? Did you send them an email to introduce yourself, and from there continue to build a relationship?
5. How do you decide what to charge for sponsored content? I recently read a post on My Style Vita on how to price yourself as a blogger. Her rule of thumb is $100 for every 10000 page views. What is your opinion on this topic? I know this can be a tough subject, but if you can provide any type of answer that would be awesome.
6. Knowing what you know now about the blogging/social media influencer industry, what advice would you give to yourself when you were first staring off your blog?
7. Do you still make goals each month, and if so what kind of goals? (For example, number of page views, what brands you want to work with, revenue, a mixture of them all)
8. Do you have an editorial calendar? If so, how far in advance do you plan your posts?
9. What is your “pinch me” moment in your blogging career? (like when you got invited to a certain show, worked with a certain brand, etc.)

Again, thanks Jenny for the super helpful and insightful video! I can’t wait for the next blogging Q&A! (and scrolling through all of the questions it looks like it might be a hour long )

Hi Nicole!

These are AMAZING! I’ll be sure to add them to my running list for all questions about the business of blogging!


Great video! Where is your top from thanks?

Hi Jenny! I loved that video, it was really inspiring and really interesting to know more about your routine. I love the behind the scene info;)

I would love to know a few things:
– do you get designers to lend you clothes or do they give them to you?
– what do you do with the clothes once they’ve been featured on your blog? Give them to charity? Give them to family members, keep them to wear when not blogging?
– how many people work with you? When I see you on snapchat there always seem to be a number of people with you.
– how do you decide when it’s Fred taking your photos orJessica? Do you sometimes work with other photographers?
– do you reach out to designers or do they all now come to you? Was it different when you started?
– what do you prefer blogging about?

Can’t wait for your next video!! Thanks a lot for sharing! Bisous de Londres, Julie


Definitely tacking these onto the list of questions for my next Q&A series!

Thanks girl!


I’m so glad you’re enjoying all of my YouTube content! More to come!


What is your workout? What do you do to star healthy? What arte your tips to have a beautiful body and skin ? What are you daily food rootine?
Thank you !!!!!

I would love to know about the lighting you used for the video and what type of camera. Thank you

Wonderful content!

I was wondering…
1. What is your opinion on sponsored instagram followers? (Where you “buy” followers online)

2. What keeps you inspired to keep moving in such a difficult and new industry?

3. What camera do you use?

Thank you beautiful!


Adding all of this to my running Q&A content list!


Oh my gosh I absolutely loved your Q&A!
It was super inspiring and lovely to watch.
I just had a couple of specific questions
How did you grow your Instagram following and do you plan your feed to make it look so lovely and cohesive?
What platform did you start your blog on? For example, wordpress, blogger, etc.
Before you had a following with your blog, how did you pitch your ideas to PR companies to allow them to borrow their brands clothes for media purposes?
Thank you so much in advance, I’ve been wondering these for so long

Adding them to my running document of all questions so I can make sure to answer everything for you!


Hi ! J! When you have to post on instagram, do you follow your instinct or you have many rules to follow?( colors of the pic, type of image(person,landscape,makeup) light effect ….)

LOVED IT!! I would love for you to talk about how you grew your instagram account? Like more specifically on your post frequency (once or twice a day..etc.) and hashtags…



That I can do!


La Bijoux Bella | by mia

It’s always a pleasant bonus to get to know the creative person behind the fabulous blog. 🙂

Merci for sharing! 🙂

La Bijoux Bella | by mia

Anytime my love!


I have a few questions for your blogging series 🙂

1.) What did it look like during those first few months when you were reaching out to companies?
2.) How did you reach out? (like details of how you reached out- what did your emails say, how often did you reach out, etc)
3.) What did pitching yourself look like exactly?
4.) What do you mean you ‘showed companies what you could do?’
5.) What did you hope to get from each company?
6.) How did you determine who to work with?
7.) Where did you make most of your money in the beginning?

Thank you my dear! xox

Perfect! So excited to answer some of these!


I would be curious about these questions too!


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