The Trove App: Creating a Community, Not Just an Audience

February 6, 2017

Attention all girl bosses! I’ve loved having the opportunity to share so much exciting content with you all over the last few months, especially content about my personal journey in the blogging world through my YouTube channel and Deskside Diaries series! If I’ve learned anything along the way, it’s that our work is never done and there are so many incredible bloggers, entrepreneurs, and empowered women who are changing the way we experience content today. I was fortunate enough to have been given the opportunity to learn about Trove — a new app by a fellow content creator, who has taken what we all know and love about blogging (sharing looks and shopping them), carved out a new, elevated platform and is redefining how you will interact with your favorite fashionistas. All I have to say? It’s about time!


One of the most valuable things I have learned from blogging is to diversify your platforms purely for one reason, discovery! The key to growth is finding new users, and believe it or not, there is a whole world beyond Instagram just waiting for you!  If you are a powerhouse content creator, you’re doing yourself a disservice by only sharing content through one vertical; ie Instagram or your blog. Your work deserves to be seen! While some gripe at the sounds of another app or “something else I have to post to”, Trove actually pulls in your blog posts automatically, so there’s no work at all for the blogger! It’s an exciting opportunity to introduce my work to another audience who is as engaged or more so than Instagram – especially with their new algorithm, I know a lot of you are getting discouraged and looking for another outlet to share on in hopes to drive new users to your site.

Currently, YouTube is my number one growing platform and I never would have guessed that when we launched. It’s why I’m so passionate about my Deskside diaries series on YouTube because I get to share my latest and greatest discoveries and blogging strategies with you and lately, I’ve been investing a ton of my time in Trove which I’ve been getting an amazing response from.


Created by Mary Orton of the renowned blog Memorandum, Trove is truly revolutionizing the fashion world. As I mentioned, there have been a ton of different visual mediums and social platforms that you can use for your daily dose of fashion inspiration; However, each platform works independently of each other which creates a lot search work for you. Not one platform has been successful in bringing together a beautifully curated collection of diverse, high quality content creators and also offers 100% shoppable looks in app — until now.

As a user on Trove, you can curate your feed in the same way you would your Instagram, with all of your favorite bloggers and social influencers. It brings everything together, allows you to save your favorite looks and products to your digital closet, and keeps all of your favorite content both chronological and aesthetically relevant.

As a blogger on Trove, there’s absolutely no work!  All of your style posts are brought in automatically from your blog (including all of your affiliate links!).  For aspiring bloggers, the best part is you don’t need a certain number of followers to become a part of the community like a lot of other “invite only” apps. Also, Trove’s trending tabs and discovery tools help users discover your content so you can reach new audiences, and Trove values incredible content above everything which I really appreciate. So it truly favors quality over quantity which we can’t say the same for on other platforms.

If there’s anything I’ve learned about each of you, it’s that you all look for endless inspiration – it’s why you’re here reading this!  A lot of you are bloggers yourselves and much like myself, are constantly looking for ways to future-proof yourself and your business to set yourself up for success. One of the most fool proof ways to do this and to support your content creation is to create a community that’s interactive and vocal through a number of platforms. In sharing this with you, it’s my hope to create a conversation about your recent discoveries, what’s working and what’s not. But what I love most about Trove is that’s it’s bridging the gap between just an audience of followers and an engaged style-focused community.

I hope to see you over there! Click HERE to download the app and get started with this new style experience.

Photos by Fred Cipoletti

| Camilla and Marc Jacket | Pixie Market Top (Similar) | Black Trousers (Similar) | Who What Wear Necktie (Similar) | Lack of Color Hat | Chanel Bag | Chanel Shoes (Similar) |

Thanks to Trove for sponsoring this post.

your photos are so beautiful! xo


I downloaded the app! Thank you, your my very own inspiration! xoxo

You’re so sweet!


Stunnig! The photos are fantastic!


So glad you love them Angelina!


I am dying to go to Paris!! Your coffee and croissants photos are the cutest! <3


There’s nothing better!


Beautiful pictures and this sounds like something I really should try.


You Must! It’s fantastic!!


Such a great post! Your outfit is to die for as well as that background. Plus I love learning about up and coming platforms to share all my content on! Thanks Jenny! Please give Margo a belly rub for me!

I will! I will! And thank you so much. Glad you’re enjoying as much as I love sharing!!


This is so exciting!! I am definitely going to check it out!



Such a beautiful post! Trove looks awesome!

xx, Hannah


This look… Love love love!!!

Very french!!


Thank you for introducing me to Trove! As a blogger myself It would be amazing to be a blogger on Trove and have a new set of engaged users and to build a community that isn’t dependent on an algorithm!


It’s my absolute pleasure!


I love this app and downloaded it the minute she came out with it – I love the interface and how easy it is to use!! Also your pictures are stunning -made me nostalgic – in a good way. 🙂



Thank you love, that made my day!!


Hi Jenny! Thank you for sharing about Trove! I already downloaded the app and have applied to their program. As a growing fashion blogger myself I love the idea of an engaged community with added exposure. Thanks again!

100% and I love that they favor quality content over quantity of followers. They’re very high up in my book!


First, this look is absolutely amazing! I need to break out my slingbacks tomorrow (despite the impending snow coming).

Second, thank you so much for sharing this app! It sounds amazing.

Alicja | http://www.lifeofaluxaholic.com

Gorgeous. 🙂 I am off to check it out!

OMG your style is so chic!! love this.

This sounds like a cool app, I am going to check it out

This might be my favorite look of yours EVER! So so so cute and simple. And now I am dreaming of a trip to Paris in the spring/fall! So dreamy!

So glad you love!


La Bijoux Bella | by mia

So very beautiful and lovely looks … Paris is even more fabulous with these gorgeous shots … Simply fabulous! 🙂

❤LA BIJOUX BELLA❤ | BY MIA | A Creative Lifestyle Blog

You’re the best!


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