The French Girl’s Way to Glam

New York, New York
January 23, 2019

While going through my content report from 2018, one thing was certain: you guys are after my own heart and adore all things Parisian-inspired. From French Girl makeup essentials to their spring must-haves, the numbers don’t lie. It’s content that constantly performs well, and the most exciting part is that I truly love creating it! After all, the entire Parisian world inspires me endlessly and I’m always one to bring a sense of the city into life in the states.

So while putting together this look surrounding this stunning faux fur coat, I wanted to keep this in mind. With that, my glam meets French Girl approach to a winter look. You’ll notice that this isn’t the typical glam look you might expect, but instead, a refreshed, effortless take on going glam. Because we all know the French never try too hard, and that’s one of the things we all admire about their aesthetic. Keep reading for a few more tips on pulling off French Girl glamour.

Skip heels

Heels might come to mind when thinking of a traditional glam approach, but not in Paris. You’ll rarely find a French Girl killing herself in stilettos. Instead, I love pulling out a pair of OTK boots when wanting to go a little extra. They add a certain allure but in a more effortless way. They’re a step above a classic ankle or Chelsea boot and are the perfect choice for adding seduction.

Choose a classic, statement item

Whether it be a beautiful trench, a killer pair of flat slides, or that perfect wrap dress, French women usually have one item that’s the focal point of their look. Never to be doing too much, they instead let classic style speak for itself – and don’t overdo the trends. Take note! When going glam, consider a faux fur coat like this. It’s a style that came to life decades and decades ago and is elegant with a special flare. Just keep the color neutral or quietly timeless. Think cream, black, emerald green, red, navy, or tan.

Keep makeup soft

In America, we take glam to new heights with a smokey eye, a red lip, extra curls, and sometimes all of the above. Big mistake if you’re looking to mimic a Parisian though. To the French, the no-makeup makeup look is all you need for everyday life. So even when they’re going glam, they don’t do much more. Keep things neutral and underdone, but add a cat eye, Twiggy lashes, or a lip – but not all at once. The tips here will help!

Remain slightly undone

This might contradict what you usually think of when associating getting ready and glam, but don’t be fooled. One of the key elements to French style – no matter what type of style – is remaining slightly undone. Keep hair a little unperfect, loosely tuck in a luxe material blouse, and so on, even when upping the glam factor.

Consider a short hem + tights

This combination is one I turn to over and over when wanting to mix French girl style with an elevated approach. Plus, it adds to the functionality of a winter outfit, and the French are all about a functional wardrobe! Try a classic black mini skirt + monochrome sheer tights as I did here.

Bisos, babes!

Photography by Freddie Cipoletti

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supal // @chevronseclairs

The green is so stunning! I love jewel tones on you!

chevrons & éclairs

I adore Parisian style as well, this post was great! Love the statement faux fur.


aw yay, a girl after my own heart <3

That coat is divine! The colour is gorgeous.
I enjoyed reading your French girl glam tips – especially the one on remaining ‘slightly undone’ – love it!


I love this outfit! And these tips are perfect for mastering French girl style!


I love that idea of always remaining slightly undone, its the ultimate cool girl Parisian look isn t it!


I’m totally on board with all these tips! I do think it’s important to keep your look similar and keep to one statement item – same with makeup I guess where I believe the Parisians will usually choose either a bold lip or a bolder eye. Either way, it’s important to choose what works for you :). There’s one thing you mentioned that definitely stands out and that is you don’t always have to wear heels. I think this is something we have been seeing become more and more popular over the past few years as wearing trainers is very “in” now too. I must get my hands on this fluffy coat 😀

Isabella | http://www.beingisabella.com

100% agree! i adore their take on minimal everything, including heels. xx

I can see why your French content is a winner, I love basically anything French inspired. It’s beautiful and effortless. Dying over this green coat and bag!!

Areli | InclusiveRepublic

I do too! Excited to create more in 2019. Thanks love!

Roses for Fridays | by mia

Right on point Mademoiselle Jenny. And you absolutely look adorable in your outfit too!

♥️Happy New Year from ROSES FOR FRIDAYS ♥️ | by mia | A Creative Inspiration Lifestyle

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