The Art of Summering

Liguria, Italy
August 10, 2018

the art of summering the art of summeringthe art of summering the art of summering the art of summering the art of summering

Warm nights, warmer days, cool drinks, and the sweet smell of citrus. Among longer days and a general sense of ease, there’s something so special about the summer season. There’s an art to it, in my opinion. What do I mean by that? Let me explain!

To embrace the season is to successfully fulfill The Art of Summering. Unlike any other season, summer comes with an effortless ease and lighter touch to life. It comes with a sense of exploration. It’s something that not only makes the season one of a kind, but it’s an attitude I try to embrace well past September. Which is why I’m inviting you to live The Art of Summering as well.

To stop and smell the roses, literally and figuratively. To slow down and enjoy the moment while accepting adventure. To be present while getting the most out of every second we’re given by the sun. It might sound a little cheesy, but to me, there’s nothing cheesy about stopping to appreciate life – and to live The Art of Summering.

I like to give myself this important reminder every season, so I wanted to do the same for you. Because it’s amazing what being mindful and positive can not only do for yourself, but for those around you. What you put into the world manifests, and summer is a wonderful time to mindfully manifest the beauty and presence this world has to offer. So I invite you, loves, to embrace The Art of Summering.

Do you notice a certain feeling during the summer months? What does The Art of Summering look like to you?

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First of all – love the skirt!
I have always loved summer, maybe because I am a Leo and it is my prime season, but also for all the reasons you mentioned in the post. Although for me, summer actually is more about packing a day with experiences and not really stopping. Autumn and winter are the stop months for me, when I have time to think and be mindful. However, I do agree that there is always a need for a reminder about mindfulness and enjoying life!

Ahhh love that! The packing a day! so good, xx

This post connects right back to your Instagram post earlier to day amore! You took such a simple look like this and really brought it to the next level by summarizing why you love summer and the importance of taking everything in! I couldn’t agree more. (Oh and what a fabulous title 😉 ) But why does Italy have to be so beautiful, and I cannot get over the basket of oranges you are carrying. My dream place to live would be in Italy with lemon trees growing in my backyard … and if we’re getting really extra I could also have a townhouse in London and it would be an easy trip back to NY to visit my parents 😉 That’s what dreams are for right ?!


Aw thank you so much! Lemon trees lining the yard sounds magical. xx

So beautiful pictures and your post !! Yes, definitely summer season is very special, it’s like giving a new life to everything. In my country the summer season is very short and I am more a summer type of a girl so it makes me to appreciate summer even more. I love warm summer days, beautiful sunsets, early mornings when sun is rising, planting flowers and growing our own fruits, greens and vegetables, going to trips and different summer events. In summer I have more energy and ready to try new things and discover new places 🙂

Summer morning are the BEST aren’t they?! So happy you connected to this.

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This is such a sweet and charming outfit look … love ♥️the floral skirt, sooo feminine and pretty! ♥️

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