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STYLE February 4, 2019

A Winter Meets Spring Shade

It's usually around this time of winter where I start growing slightly dull of winter hues and am making any excuse to bring out something that resembles spring. It's a bit of a tragic game I play with myself because let's face it, we won't actually be seeing the freshness of spring for months - but I can't help it...

WELLNESS February 1, 2019

The 6 Ways I Nourish My Mind, Body & Soul

Time and time again, we see not only French Girl content perform well, but we've also seen a growing interest in more personal content here on Margo & Me. And while there will forever be an air of style, beauty, and travel behind the brand, I'm excited to show more behind-the-scenes of my life, blogging & business tidbits, and everything inspiring me - on and off the runway.

STYLE January 9, 2019

12 Winter Hats to Refresh Your Wardrobe Game

Now that the holiday season has officially come and gone, we're in the heart of winter style. And while some may say that it's one of the dullest times for fashion, I can't say that I agree! What I will say is it's alllll about the accessories game.

STYLE January 17, 2018

Ponchos, Please

I remember ponchos first coming on my radar when I was in my teens and noticed a woman sitting by us in the airport. She carried a beautiful sleek bag, wore black pants, perfectly applied makeup, and a poncho that looked equal parts luxurious, sophisticated, and smart. It was a style I've remembered since...

LIFESTYLE January 12, 2018

NYC & Me Series

And so it begins, NYC & Me. A romantic, intoxicating, inspiring journey; and all at once. Just like that, a beautiful chapter of my life closes just as another one opens. Quite simply, it’s time...

STYLE January 11, 2018

How to Refresh an Overused Winter Wardrobe

A few weeks into our time in NYC and my once beloved coats were feeling old. The same boots again? Not as fun as my normal rotation of appropriate shoes in California. So as I begin my journey to a winter wardrobe that excites me daily, I've turned to a few tricks. Small ways to refresh my winter essentials, to be exact, and I'm sharing those today...

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