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AISLE STYLE January 28, 2019

5 Things Every Bride Should Know Before Shopping for Her Wedding Gown

So you're recently engaged? If the answers "yes", then there’s one thing that's for sure; You’re hearing “Congratulations” from practically every stranger on the street! So in an effort to help you find, “the one" (dress that is), here are a few things that helped me along the way that I hope helps you too on your big day.

PARIS GUIDE January 23, 2019

The French Girl’s Way to Glam

You'll notice that this isn't the typical glam look you might expect, but instead, a refreshed, effortless take on going glam. Because we all know the French never try too hard, and that's one of the things we all admire about their aesthetic. Keep reading for a few more tips on pulling off French Girl glamour...

BEAUTY October 22, 2018

The Best Beauty Sleep of Your Life

One lesson that I've learned from women across the pond: to get your beauty rest, literally. While many Americans use our nighttime rituals to focus on a slew of skincare products, we don't think about products that are specifically designed for sleep. Until now...

BEAUTY October 8, 2018

Bisous to the Business

Whenever someone asks me what I appreciate most about my job as an influencer, two things always come to mind. First, the flexibility and freshness that comes with the role. I’m a creative pers...

BEAUTY October 27, 2017

7 French Girl Beauty Secrets for Fall

French Girls are the epitome of chic, even when it comes to the rules of beauty. You never see a Parisian over-do their makeup, and 9 times out of 10, their complexion is out of this world. So it's no wonder I've been forever fascinated with the beauty secrets of the French. I have Pinterest boards full of French Girl beauty - from natural skin and nails, to a statement red lip - and I keep those images in mind when sitting at my own vanity stateside. To keep your routine perfectly understated, here are 7 French girl beauty secrets for fall.

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