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BEAUTY March 12, 2019

The Best in Barrett’s for Under $50

It takes just one scroll through your Instagram feed to see that hair clips have taken the hair scene by storm.  And the best part is that it’s a look that can make an outfit seemingly ex-pen-sive without costing you a fortune, you just have to know where to look.

WELLNESS January 7, 2019

5 Reasons You Should Take Social Media Breaks

I've given social media so much thought, and what I always come back to is one thing. Yes, it's imperative for my job and I'm incredibly grateful for it. It's also clearly something that can bring up negative emotions and vibes in my life. So how do I use it in a way that serves, while not taking away from my peace? Balance and breaks.

Blogging & Business October 17, 2018

Are You Networking With the Right People, the Right Way?

While blogging is unique in many ways, at the end of the day, it's an industry just like anything else. You start at the bottom, you work your ass off to move up, being prompt and polite is important - and networking is key. But networking in the blogging world is somewhat particular...

Let’s Get Personal July 18, 2018

Creative Well Being

Well being - what does it all mean? Lots of people talk about it as a buzzy topic saved for the wellness world, but it’s only recently that I’ve personally embarked on a journey of understandin...

LIFESTYLE February 12, 2018

Dealing With Comparison

This headline has been swirling around my head for years now. Comparison, ahhh the bane of many industries, I'm sure, and something like hits like the plague in the blogging world. And as I'm taking a break from shows during New York Fashion Week, surrounded by the elites of the industry, what better time to write out my thoughts?

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