David Yurman

LOCATION:  Beverly Hills

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Once a David Yurman girl, always a David Yurman girl. In my family, receiving a David Yurman Jewelry piece was symbolic of coming of age. Signifying a level of sophistication and elegance that I always dreamt of. My sister, mom, and aunt all wore the same classic Wheaton Band with Diamonds – as a little lady, I so desperately desired to be a part of their chic clique. “On your 16th birthday…“ my mom would always say. Then, on January 29th, there she was. I remember it like it was yesterday, walking into the kitchen, still in my pajamas. A shiny silver box. I knew exactly what was inside and ever since that moment, David Yurman has been an accessory staple in my jewelry box signifying celebrated moments throughout my life.

I’m not sure what it is I love so much about David Yurman but my husband might tell you that my obsession is unhealthy (far from the truth). I don’t know what I’m drawn to most, but I’m captivated collection after collection for its ability to remain dainty in nature while also making one of the strongest statements. The subtle encrusted diamonds sparkle with such brilliance and the gems are cut in a way that makes them more radiant and colorful than some of the most beautiful paintings in the world.

While my collection started with a solid base of platinum and silver rings and cable bracelets, it’s grown into a sophisticated assortment of gold and even a few pretty pink gemstones. One of my most cherished pieces is the Wheaton Ring in gold and morganite. A 25th birthday present from my Mom and Dad.

What’s dangerous about growing up a David Yurman Girl is that suddenly your hard work pays off in the form of luxury jewelry and you no longer need an excuse to treat yourself – every moment becomes a celebrated moment! The Stax Five Row Ring that I am wearing here is a splurge but it’s a piece that you will have forever. Another element I truly admire about the collection is the range in pricing, making pieces like the Pure Form Smooth Bracelet I’m wearing here in gold quite affordable in silver, at $750.

Whether you’re looking to start your collection, simply add to it, or give someone the gift of light and love, I’ve curated the below edit with pieces that are all (very) high on my wish list.






Photos by Jessica Alexander

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