Parisian Days

October 3, 2014

IMG_4173Few things in life are sweeter than a sunny day in Paris. Combine that with flower shopping, tea with a girlfriend and ice cream along the Seine river and you’ll pretty much be in heaven. Such was one of those days while in Paris, out and about with my girlfriend Carin who writes the beautiful blog, Paris in Four Months.

It was my second day being in Paris after a whirlwind of a few weeks.  New York and London Fashion Weeks on the tailcoats of each other was a lot of really fun and exciting work. But it was time to relax and slow down a little.  We checked into our amazing little airbnb in the Marais. Last time I was in Paris, I stayed in St. Germain which I thought stole my heart but after staying in Marais, it’s a close tie for first. You can see photos of the apartment here.



One of my favorite things about waking up in Paris is the clamor on the streets. You can hear the school children playing, the sounds of vespas and cars are all oh so different than what I’m used to hearing in Los Angeles. It’s the little things like sounds and smells that I can’t get enough of while traveling. Everything feels so new, like kid in a candy shop.

On this day in particular, Carin and I wanted to give you a real feeling of being with us throughout our day! From our morning flower run to the local market to having a tea at a favorite, Cafe Carette – a must try while there. Staying in the Marais lends itself to so much. You can easily pop over to the infamous ice cream shop, Berthillon on Ile Saint Louis for a stroll along the Seine. Or grab a baguette and have a picnic in Place des Vosges.

I always find there is never enough time in Paris. I romanticize the idea of moving there for just a few months. I so badly want to acclimate to the culture, speak the language and feel, well, like a local instead of a visitor. The quality of life in Paris feels so genuine and authentic to me. Just writing about it now makes my heart swell. I’ve never felt this way about a city. I guess I’m finally understanding why people always say, “Paris is always a good idea”.

Photos by Carin Olsson of Paris in Four Months 

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That jacket is amazing!!! I love it, I wish it wasn’t so expensive but looks totally worth it!

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These photos are absolutely beautiful, but that coat! That coat is glorious.

eclética and chic

So chic! Lovely photos and perfect coat!


Ooh la la! Amazing photos, amazing city and amazing outfit 🙂

Love that jacket!
-Adrienne. xo

Citizen of the World
Citizen of the World

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Oh you gorrgeousss lady! Love this post, that outfit is so so cute!

Shot From The Street | Fashion Blog

Beautiful jacket! So in love with it<3


I have been to Paris a few times and I cannot get enough of it. You should do it, move there for a few months! You won’t regret it.

Fabulous photos! The coat, the bag, the flowers and the PINK bike!?!? Such perfection.


paris is one of my favorite cities on the planet- visited twice already and i’m always itching to go back, so i know exactly what you mean! also- love your mini beehive- very 60’s chic, especially with that gorgeous coat!! -jill


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