Parisian Inspired Bedroom Makeover

West Hollywood
May 14, 2016

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There are few things in life that make me more giddy than a new pair of shoes or a new bag. When I hear the words, “home makeover” my head practically goes through the roof! Next to Veep and House of Cards, you can find me watching any and every home makeover show known to man. My Netflix “Suggested For You” queue is full of all of my guilty pleasures and I love nothing more than indulging! I cannot wait to get my hands on a home that’s a fixer-upper in the not so distant future. I’m just dying to go in, demo, paint and make a new house a home!

But until then, there are a few things that need a little TLC in our cozy art deco apartment. It only seemed fitting to start with our bedroom. As newlyweds, we’ve been looking for the right opportunity to revamp our bedroom and the timing couldn’t have been more perfect. Just shy of one year after our unforgettable Parisian wedding, we wanted to embark on a project together, and what better place to start than our most intimate and shared space?

When redesigning our bedroom, we looked to Z Gallerie for endless inspiration. And lets be real, their spring collection, with its varying shades of silver and cerulean, is out of this world and right up my alley. Its a communal place, so its super important that the space doesn’t feel too masculine for my taste or ultra feminine for Freddie’s liking.

As you all know, we have a deep love for anything French and really wanted to embrace the fundamentals of Parisian Interiors: think crown moldings paired with sculptural, modern elements. It has to be a perfect marriage of the both of us: clean with a little bit of edge and cozy with the right amount of flair. One of the biggest design-related decisions we made was opting for all mirrored furniture. I love the way it catches light in a room and make a space feel more expansive. And whats better than waking up on a lazy Sunday morning to a room flooded with natural light. Pair that with a perfectly tufted silver headboard – it takes chic elegance to a whole new level.

The home should be a place that nurtures creativity and in an ever-changing industry of artists and designers, Z Gallerie has provided the tools to make your house feel like a home. Explore their hues of the season and get inspired to infuse a new color in your home with their Fashionista’s Guide to Home Color. Plus shop all of the pieces featured in the room here!

Photos by Jessica Alexander 



This room is wonderful! Would you please share the wall color? It is perfect !

Love your bedroom makeover, wow what a difference!! I actually want to purchase the white and grey decorative pillows you have on your bed and have only just realised they are not from ZGallerie. Do you mind telling me where they are from?

The pillows are from Z Gallerie as well, they are the called the Nolita Pillow, here is a link to them: http://www.zgallerie.com/SearchResults.aspx?Ntt=nolita*
Hope this helps, love!


Thank you very much! Unfortunately it seems your white and silver one is sold out and that the color I love! Are the other 2 in the cerulean or sapphire color? Its sometimes hard to tell. xx

You did a great job with the color combination aspect. I love how you design your stuff. If I am tired the whole day I love to lay down on that kind of bedroom. Good job to your bedroom makeover.

Thank you so much, love! I had so much fun designing my bedroom!


Wow I absolutely adore this post! Parisian lifestyle and fashion is so inspiring to me, and I really feel like you and your whole blog embodies it! <3 I just posted a parisian-inspired outfit myself, and a few blog posts ago I posted a "Parisian Dreams" home decor post which features the exact same ring holder that you have in this post! I am fangirling a little bit (not gonna lie)! Jenny has something in her home that I have too! haha 🙂 It is definitely one of my favourite little decor pieces ever! Wishing you all the best from Toronto XOXO – Ema from http://www.theprettycitylife.com

where is the bed from?

The bed is from Z Gallerie, absolutely love all their styles!!


Hi Jenny!!

The room looks really great!! I am also in the process of giving my room a makeover! You did such a great job! Would you please share where your gold frames are from? Also, is your silver frame from zgallerie? If not, can you please share where that is from as well! I hope to hear from you!!


Hi Felisa!

Thank you so so much! Nothing better than a makeover, how exciting you are working on yours too! The frames are from Pottery Barn HERE > http://bit.ly/1qHE8uh. The gold frames are from Frame Bridge. Hope this helps!


This is absolutely gorgeous, you’ve a geat sense of taste as always !

Marie from http://anatomieducoeur.wordpress.com

I’m so in love with your bedroom makeover!! I decorated my bedroom with a very similar color palette to yours. Such a great post!!


So beautiful!! Your snaps and now the post have really gotten me inspired to re-think a few pieces in my bedroom. I love that cerulean because it is so bold but still relaxing. Gorgeous space!

I am also curious about your wallpaper in your office… where is it from?

Thanks! xo Bryn

Hi Bryn!!

Thank you so so much! I’m glad you’ve been following along on Snap and were able to see the final product!

Our office wallpaper is from http://www.wallpaperfromthe70s.com/!!
Stay tuned for the finished product — Coming soon!!


Hi there, The rug on ZGallerie that you link to looks really different than in your pics. Can you confirm they are in fact the same one – would love to purchase!

Hi Christyn!

No, the rug is actually from Overstock; However, Z Gallerie did link to a similar product on their website. The link to the rug I purchased for our bedroom makeover is here: http://bit.ly/1V6CkIb.


I was wondering where can i find those gold picture frames?

Currently redoing my whole house and love this room. Is the area rug from z gallerie? I am always so in love with all their furniture!

What a difference from the before and after shots! I absolutely love the way you made over your bedroom and totally agree that anything French is a must! That Eiffel Tower you have is so cute, and everything matches so well! I too love doing home makeovers and decorating- it’s one of my favourite things to do and I always get so excited! Wonderful post 🙂


Hi Diana!

SO Happy you approved! I love projects – however big or small – and our bedroom was no exception!!


Yes! I’ve been so looking forward to this since I know your taste is impeccable and you love a nice Parisian flair. The room looks absolutely gorgeous! And now you have me craving for a bedroom makeover of my own… xx


So beautiful!! As is your dress! Where did you get it?

Hi Shannyn!!

Thank you so much! You can find the dress here: http://bit.ly/1sjrTVQ

Let me know if you need any other recommendations!


She’s probably not replying because she was not sponsored to advertise this dress…

Hi Jackie!

Sorry it took longer than expected to respond to your comment. If you’re interested, you can shop the dress here: http://bit.ly/1sjrTVQ. Thanks for stopping by and for all of your support.


Loved seeing your room makeover in the process on SnapChat! Stunning~


So gorgeous! I love the way the mirrored furniture reflects the beiatoful rug too!


We were head over heels in love when Z Gallerie released this collection. It was everything we were looking for – all in one!


Ahh so gorgeous! I’m a huge fan of decorating with blue (my apartment has many blue elements as well), one day I’ll do it with my home as well. For now the student lifestyle sticks, but this post is lovely inspiration for what I imagine in the future 🙂



oh my ! this is soooo dreamy ! I just love everything about how you styled your room. Normally I don’t lean towards blue tones for bedrooms but you did a delightful job. Such a lovely mix of vintage looks and modern touches.

La Bijoux Bella | by mia

Such a serene and tranquil with an absolute Parisienne feel to the room. A place where beautiful dreams are created from. Simply fabulous! 🙂

La Bijoux Bella | by mia


Also I just want to say as a newlywed your aisle style was so inspirational leading up to my wedding 🙂

Would you ever consider making video tutorials or look books?


Hi Girl!!

SO Happy you love the makeover! And equally thrilled to hear that our aisle style campaign was so important and inspirational. We’re cooking up some amazingness over at the MM headquarters, and will definitely take all of this into consideration.

Let me know what else you’d love to see!


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