How to Pack for a Summer Getaway

West Hollywood
June 8, 2016


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Fashion-Suitcases-Getaway-BloggerBlack-detailed-suitcase-blogger-travelThere are very few things in life that are better than knowing that you’ve squeezed a week’s worth of outfits into the perfect sized carry-on bag, or that you found the absolute best monokini for your epic tropical getaway. With the official first day of summer just around the corner (break out your sunnies darlings!), I wanted to take this opportunity to share my favorite advice for packing for the ultimate summer getaway.

Whether it’s South Beach, The Caribbean, A remote island somewhere off the coast of Greece, or simply your own backyard, you can never be too prepared in my book! It doesn’t matter if you’re the ultimate fashionista or a total no-frills traveler – whatever your vacation style, I’ve rounded up my favorite tips and tricks so you can pack like a pro.

But before you pack, here’s what you should be considering:

Write it Out

I find that if I don’t make a list ahead of time, I forget all of the little things I wanted to bring and end up having to buy a new pair of headphones every single time I travel. When I write it out, I always cover my bases and make sure I have everything I need as I’m walking out the door.

Make it Cohesive

As you begin to pull everything you’re going to be packing, be mindful of where you’re going: the landscape, the colors, the vibes. As you continue to piece together different looks, you’ll start to see patterns and colors emerging. The more you keep it cohesive, the more you can mix and match when you get there!

Do your Research

The biggest mistakes I make when I’m packing are when I forget to do my homework. Whats the weather like? Does it get chilly at night? Are you closer to the equator? All of these factors will help inform what you need to pack in order to be super prepared.

Be Wary of Spills

As a cosmetic connoisseur, There’s nothing worse than an exploded shampoo when you open your bag after settling into a freshly cleaned hotel room. Helpful hint: prior to packing, squeeze the air out of all of your travel sized bottles. This will eliminate the risk of explosion

And most importantly, here’s what you’ll need:

The Suit

Good bathing suits are hard to find, so when you DO find one, Don’t ever let it go. EVER. Opt for a reversible bathing suit to maximize space if your tight on luggage, or rock an epic one piece for a nod to old school glamour and protection from harsh rays. Also really loving the crochet look right now. 

The Cover Up

Whats a good bathing suit with nothing to cover it up? Post pool blues call for a rest in a hammock and something chicer than a hotel towel. Find something that’s airy enough to throw over your teeny bikini, but substantial enough that you can grab a bite at the closest restaurant.

The LDW Dress

Essential for every summer holiday. If space were a non issue, I would bring my closet in its entirety. Technically, however, you really only need one amazing dinner outfit. Opt for the perfect shift dress in amazing, breezy fabrics, my favorite on this trip was white if  you couldn’t tell. Not into the dress? Why not try out a feel good jumpsuit that shows off your sun kissed skin!

The Sandals

Iconic enough that they make a beachy statement, but dynamic enough that they go with just about everything in your suitcase, finding the right pair of sandals is key. They should transition seamlessly from day to night and should be as comfortable as humanly possible. Opt for a pair of leather gladiators or a funky pair of espadrilles that are just the right amount of funky and fun.

The Accessories

Poolside Essentials are just as, if not more, important as your clothing choices themselves! If space permits, make sure to pack tons of dainty, gold necklaces for layering, a variety of sunnies in different shapes and sizes, and of course, the oh so iconic wide brimmed sun hat.

So there you have it, the expert fashionistas guide to packing for your ultimate summer getaway. Some may be reminders, while others may be totally new information. Whatever your needs, Get ready for some major R&R!

DISCLAIMER! I tried my hardest to include everything in this post that I packed, so if you have any questions about specific products, please leave a comment and I will send you a link personally 🙂

Photos by Jessica Alexander

:: Steamline Luggage Carry On :: Steamline Luggage Hat Case :: Stuart Weitzman Odeon Sandal :: Stuart Weitzman Tasselean Sandal :: Soludos Classic Stripe Sandal :: Yumi Kim Blue Floral Dress :: My top (Similar) :: Preston & Olivia Elizabeth Hat :: Preston & Olivia Marie Hat ::


Hey Jenny!

Quick question for you about your Steamline luggage… I am deciding between this collection and a leather. Do you like this canvas line?

Thanks!! xo Bryn

where is that beautiful peach dress from? thank you!

Great post Jenny. Loved your outfits and tips! I always make a checklist so I can cross each item off as it hours into the luggage. 🙂 Adore your suitcases by the way! I’ve been trying to find a few more to suit the white vintage style ones I have. These would be a great fit.


Really great tips! And I am dying over the Steamline Luggage! The hat boxes are just too cute! You looked absolutely fabulous on your trip and I am so excited to see your posts from there (specifically the black sand beach!)

Packing really is an art form and I love your tip about writing everything down. I make notes in my phone so where ever I am and I suddenly remember something I want to pack I can add it to the list.

xo Bryn

You have the cutest luggage and outfit pieces! <3



Streamline Luggage is the greatest!


Thank you Laura!

Streamline Luggage has such an incredible collection of vintage inspired luggage that is also fantastically functional!!


Beautiful darling! You are a master packer~


It’s truly an art form! it’s taken years to perfect!

Practice makes perfect!


You’ve pointed out some really helpful tips here, especially doing your research before you pack! I’m always the kind of person that ends up not bringing warm enough clothing and then I’m freezing at night. I also think writing a list is so important!


Thank you!

Yes, I think it’s so important to make sure you take all the necessary precautions. Otherwise, you end up spending extra money on sweaters when you could be spending it on amazing meals and experiences!


These picks are so cute! And I’m always one to write down everything I need to pack!!
xo, Syd

Hi Sydney!

I couldn’t agree more! It’s keeps me on track!


Jenny! Those hat boxes!! Where from? xoxo

Hi Kelly!

Streamline Luggage has an incredible collection of vintage inspired hat boxes! A MUST!


Thanks love! I’ll have a look…xo

omg! so beautiful closet 😮 dream!

Gorgeous post! Can you please tell me where the salmon/pink dress you are holding is from? xx

You have such a beautiful closet/wardrobe that I had to repin them to my closet board on pinterest!! Love it


Check out my Pinterest when you have a second! Lots more inspiration where that came from!


Umm this is awesome!! I will be shopping for a few of these pieces asap!! BTW, Your pics in Hawaii with the red bathingsuit against the black sand were epic!! So gorg-pefect example of how knowing your landscape beforehand can help create beautiful shoots like that. Xo, Lourdes (Instagram, Plsdotell-blog http://www.plsdotell.com)

Thank you so much sweetheart!

I definitely did a lot of planning when selecting and curating all of my resort luxe inspired pieces. I can’t wait to share all the Hawaii content with you! Really can’t wait to hear your thoughts!


Umm this is awesome!! I will be shopping for a few of these pieces asap!! BTW, Your pics in Hawaii with the red bathingsuit against the black sand were epic!! So gorg-pefect example of how knowing your landscape beforehand can help create beautiful shoots like that. Xo, Lourdes (Instagram, Plsdotell-blog http://www.plsdotell.com)

La Bijoux Bella | by mia

Packing for a Summer little getaway . . . Has never been more productive, neat and beautiful. This post just makes me want to pack, pack and having no where to go to at least for the moment. 🙂

La Bijoux Bella | by mia

All packed up with no place to go 🙂


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