What to Gift Your Guy

Beverly Hills
December 10, 2016

jessicaalexanderpoppysomeday-011luxury-fragrance-armani-men gifts-guys-fragrance-beauty fragrance-gift-for-him jessicaalexanderpoppysomeday-009stylish-giftwrap-holiday-shopping armani-beauty-gift-guide armani-fragrances-gifting custom-holiday-wrapping-cards holiday-shopping-margo-and-me jessicaalexanderpoppysomeday-011jessicaalexanderpoppysomeday-017acqua-di-gio-gifthigh-end-gift-wrap jessicaalexanderpoppysomeday-016Still on the hunt for what to gift your significant other this holiday season? Sometimes the people we know the best are the hardest ones to shop for. So what do you get your love that already has everything? Allow me to help. Sometimes, it’s the quintessential gift that keep on giving and there’s nothing more luxurious and personal than fragrance – especially because it’s something you can wear every single day. It’s my secret weapon in gift giving – especially for my guy.

When it comes to the important guys in your life, my personal philosophy has always been to gift them with something that he’ll actually wear (and that doesn’t mean a basic button-down). So what do you get your man aside from your undying love and affection? Fragrance is always a winner. When selecting your guy’s new scent, there are a few cult favorite fragrances to consider that he will definitely wear with confidence and Acqua di Gio is my go-to this holiday season.

Personally, I love the idea of a no-frills beauty product that feels both luxurious and like something that he can actually wear. I’m also a firm believer that the men in our lives look to us for our “blessing” when it comes to their appearance. He may be the man of the house but your stamp of approval acts as a vote of confidence in his book so it’s up to us to help point them in the right direction when it comes to fashion and beauty!

For example, raise your hand if your guy is still stuck wearing the same standard fragrance they wore all through high school and college (you know which ones I’m talking about!). So maybe he’s matured since the “good old days”, but is he keeping his fragrance around because its more nostalgic than it is pleasant? I adore Acqua di Gio for its classic take on sophisticated refinement. It’s a fresh, warm scent with fresh marine, Calabrian bergamot and cedar notes.   

My only bit of advice? After gifting him with this, he might start relying on you to make larger wardrobe decisions, so do yourself a favor and gift with caution 😉 

The only thing better? Acqua di Gio has three sister scents to give the most important girls in your life: Acqua di Gioia, Sun Di Gioia and Air di Gioia. They are opposite ends of the same spectrum and give off the feeling of accessible luxury. Their radiant and feminine scents will complement the even the most radiant women in your life. 

What are your favorite ways to give the gift of scent to your loved ones this holiday season? 

Photos by Jessica Alexander 

| ZARA Top (Also love this one) | Armani Acqua di Gio | Armani Acqua di Gioia | Armani Air di Gioia |

Thanks to Georgio Armani for sponsoring this post.

This is going to seem super random, but I just love your pens! Care to share where they’re from? Love your style!

ENJOY my love!


I love too Armani, I bought it before to my first boyfriend, armani has always memories too me, hehe maybe to bought it too for a furure boyfriend. Its classic and best and smells very good on a guy.

Where did you bought the parisian thing on your office table? Very beutiful

It’s the best! And the Tour d’Eiffel ring dish? It’s from Anthropologie!


i got the same scent for my boy this year – it smells dreamy! xo


SO amazing!


La Bijoux Bella | by mia

I have always love Armani parfum … One of the best and classy scent out there. This is a parfait coincidence because I am also wrapping this Armani gift for my lovable guy in my life too. 🙂
Just a fabulous post and Merry Christmas!

❤LA BIJOUX BELLA❤ | BY MIA | A Creative Lifestyle Blog

Armani is AMAZING!! And how funny, he’s going to love it.


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