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August 24, 2015

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Good morning and happy Monday from Italy! Only kidding, I’ve finally touched down in Los Angeles, the place I call home when I am not where I’m at in these photos. If you are following along by way of Instagram, you may have noticed that the past week has been a little crazy with travel; New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Boca Raton and back to LA! WOZA! It’s a really exciting time right now with lot’s of partnerships happening and also on the horizon so I’ve been bouncing around a little more than normal. Because of this, feel like I’ve been neglecting the blog a bit. When I arrived home yesterday, I dug deep into the archives and realized I never published this shoot that Freddie and I did when we were in Italy earlier this year – and it’s honestly one of my favorites! I’ve also been looking for an opportunity  to give everyone a little update on what’s been going on in the world of Margo & Me. More importantly address what seems to be the biggest burning question; where are photos of my wedding dress!?

Working in the world of publishing can be a little tricky because of timing. As you know, I’ve been working closely with Martha Stewart Weddings as a guest blogger. Since March, I’ve been working with them to produce stories about my wedding planning process leading up to the launch of the issue that our wedding will be featured in (Holiday Issue!). As you can imagine this was an extremely important opportunity because I am first and foremost, a writer. Any contributing writing opportunity that comes my way, I jump on!

When Martha Stewarts team expressed interest in covering the wedding, I was over the moon! To have the opportunity to share my wedding with each of you through the pages of Martha Stewart Weddings was a no brainer. I can tell you all about the wedding from my perspective (which I will) but I knew their team of photographers writers and editors would be able to paint such a beautiful picture of that magical day from the guests perspective. It was our decision to keep a few things secret for a big revel when the issue hits stands (which I will also be sharing on the blog so don’t worry if you can’t get it).

Leading up to the wedding, the one bit of advice that I kept receiving was, “be in the moment, the day is going to fly by”.  Internalizing this thought day in and day out I realized that in order to allow myself to do that was to check out of social media – I hope you forgive me for this! It was a really important decision that I made for myself and Freddie so I could build those important memories that will last a lifetime instead of being on my phone. So I left  things like photos up to the professionals. It was a bit jarring waking up the next morning not to have a single photo to look at but as our photographer keeps sending photos from the events leading up, it’s as if I’m reliving each occasion. So far, we’ve received photos from our welcome dinner and also the rehearsal. Photos from the ceremony take much longer so we are patiently waiting. I know everyone is eager to see but I hope that you understand our position on wanting to do this in a way that felt most organic to Freddie and I.

I’ve been working closely with the writer for the article in Martha Stewart Weddings and there are going to be so many intimate details, personal stories and most importantly photos! Leading up to the issue launch, I will be doing a countdown on the blog and also on Instagram which I am really excited about sharing! When Freddie proposed, I never imagined how special the wedding industry would become to me. It’s such a happy and exciting group of people! To have the opportunity to work on stories to inspire brides to be is something that makes me the most happy.

Photos by Fred Cipoletti 


:: Line & Dot Dress :: Steve Madden Heels :: Lack of Color Hat :: 


This is absolutely shocking!I like the white lace dress and jacket, very good!

This dress is gorgeous! I had the same experience with our wedding we had in May (in Paris actually!). My mom took one pictures with her phone while we were at the altar, but other than that, we waited for the photographer’s pictures, I’m so glad we did because it was so special when we finally got to see all of the gorgeous shots!


So excited-I literally was on your insta (and your besties…shhh lol) all day hoping for photos. Loveeee your style and I can relate because my husband proposed in Paris (Pont Alexander) and we celebrated our wedding in the amalfi coast so I was reliving the excitement through you. I will be buying that issue the first day it comes out to support the amazing person you are!! Can’t wait to see it all!! 🙂

You look so beautiful! I’m loving the dress and especially the hat 🙂


I love that style – the dress is beautiful <3

Luise | http://www.just-myself.com

Your photos are always so beautiful.

You are my inspiration. Keep up the amazing & talented work!



First off – stunning dress! Secondly, I love that you’re working so close with the writer and I’m looking forward to seeing how the piece turns out. I totally respect your decision to hold off on the social media in order to live in the moment. It’s your day so why not let the professionals do the work?


Your dress is beautiful! I love the brocade style

This dress is so sweet! Thanks for the update, looking forward to more


This is a really cute dress! I love the color and the print! Can’t wait to see photos from your wedding! Congratulations!!! =)

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Lovely look and fabulous photos as always!

Can’t wait to see the wedding pics.


These photos are gorgeous! That blue stress is stunning, it looks like a heavier material. I also really like that hat, may need to get myself one like that. Hope you are enjoying being home!

x Tali

That blue is so pretty! Looking forward to reading more about the wedding details



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