Monumental Moments of 2017

LOCATION:  Around the world
From style to travel and beauty, this March will mark Margo & Me’s 4th Birthday! That’s 1,460 days of posts, thoughts, emotions, outfits, lipsticks…you get it. I’ve always been someone who works with intention; that way, my work will maintain its integrity. But I’m constantly challenging myself to think bigger and do bigger, and this year was a perfect example of how what you think into existence, speak into existence, and write into existence will manifest itself into existence.
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Accepting Your Body and Dressing For it

When it comes to confidence, I think one of the hardest obstacles to overcome is accepting your body. It is a struggle that I’ve heard women talk about for as long as I can remember. Somewhere along puberty (at least for me), you start being overly conscious of your…

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