3 Tricks to Kicking Jet Lag

June 14, 2017

A little jet lag is nothing when compared to the experiences I gain while traveling, but it can seriously dampen my energy and mood if I’m not careful. I used to not pay much attention to trying to prevent or deal with it, but now that so much of my schedule (and job) revolves around travel – and through different time zones a lot of the time – I’ve made kicking jet lag a priority. It’s made such a difference in how I feel on trips, and even when I return home to LA.

Here are the 3 tips I swear by:

Fly right

Pulling out a laptop or throwing on a movie is tempting while on a long flight, but I’ve found that tech doesn’t do me any favors when it comes to jet lag. Instead, I try to give my body the chance to rest and restore itself so that I can hit the ground running.

First up, I treat myself to a nice glass of wine, then settle in for relaxation. I bring a cashmere scarf and drape it over me, find my sleeping mask, throw on noise-canceling headphones if needed, then close my eyes. I love a little lavender lotion or oil on my hands and temples, too. So relaxing!

If possible, try to sleep the entire flight. But at the least, rest with your eye mask on. Even if you’re not sleeping, the darkness of the eye mask will help your Circadian rhythm (aka a normal sleep schedule).

Eat for the time zone you’re in

Meaning if you take a red eye and arrive early AM wherever you are, you may not be hungry, but having a banana or croissant will wake your metabolism up and help with the exhaustion. I follow this up by chugging an entire bottle of water or warm lemon water. This helps to awaken your entire system (and your metabolism) and leads to an energy boost.

Don’t nap

Fight every urge to nap during the day! The first day is especially crucial and usually the hardest. You may be foggy, but the first day sets the tone for the remainder of your trip. If you nap the first day, your body will expect it the next, and you’ll get yourself into a bad habit of not working through it.

Find an exciting activity that’ll keep you awake, go for a long walk, do a workout—don’t even tempt yourself with a rest in your hotel bed. Also, lay off alcohol or any especially heavy meals mid-day, as these will make you even more tired. Eat for energy, stay hydrated, get moving.

How do you kick jet lag?

Photos by Fred Cipoletti.

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just bought this outfit for my wedding in Mexico & love the earrings! where are they from!??! 🙂

YAY! Shop similar ones in my Shop My Instagram drop-down. Like any of those?

this yellow color is perfect on you! xo


Emer Maria Kielhorn

This is a frequent topic amongst my friends who also travel for work regularly. Some of the best tips were recently shared with me was to drink Diorlyte. It works a dream…

Smart! I’ll have to try it out!


Natalie Ann Redman

Oh my. That dress is stunning!

Cristina - Memories of the Pacific

Jenny, thanks for the tips!
Where are your earrings from? They are adorable!


Your dress matches the scenery so well

Wow such a gorgeous set thanks for your tips!

Thanks so much Vanessa, glad you enjoyed reading!


your beauty and the colors you wear ,stunning

Thanks so much Paul! So appreciate your support!


I love the tips! I usually just push through the first day with lots of coffee and water, but your tips to get prepared when even on the flight are great. I will definitely be trying some of these out on my next long trip.

Ps. love the bright two piece look! Pairs great with that green car 🙂


No reason not to start fighting off jet lag before it gets the best of you!


Gorgeous outfit and photos!

xoxo Serein Wu

Thanks so much Serein! SO sweet!


I am BEYOND obsessed with this two piece set! And really great tips! Resisting the urge to nap is so hard, but so important!

xo, Carey

Agreed! Glad you love that two piece too!


HONEY These photos are EXQUISITE! You just keep getting better and growing as a model and blogger! Love your tips– will definitely use these on my next vacation!


Thanks Olivia! Let me know if you find them helpful!


Love these tips, Jenny! One thing I always do, no matter what time of day the flight leaves, is arrive at the airport 30 extra minutes early to find a restaurant and eat a big meal, with a glass of wine of course! That helps me to relax and get sleepy from the flight, and keeps me from getting too hangry upon landing. Plus, the food and wine is usually so much better than the plan meals! Xo, Kate


That’s a great idea! I always like to try and get there early, but time isn’t always on my side. It might be helpful – going forward – to make this a definite priority!


Totally agree on the no nap policy, but that’s the one I struggle with the most! I find that it helps to take a shower when I arrive at the hotel to perk me up and also to get rid of all the gross airplane germs!

XO, Emily
Epicurean Emily

I know! Showers always do the body good!


Nice tips! I’m usually traveling with my 3 year old son, and they just don’t understand jet lag. They sleep when they want to, and are crabby when they can’t (much like myself! Ha!). We travel to the South of France two times a year to visit my husband’s family and it’s so hard sometimes. When I really need help I call in Advil PM ( when it’s time to sleep, but can’t). When it’s time to be up, I’m usually running on adrenaline and can manage by sightseeing, walking around, etc.

Adrenaline is the best medicine when it comes to battling jet lag.



the yellow is gorgeous on you

Mel x mediamarmalade.com

Thanks so much Mel!


So glad you love them!


La Bijoux Bella | by mia

Lovely lovely ❤️ look and merci for the wonderful tips! 🙂

LA BIJOUX BELLA | By Mia | A Creative Lifestyle Blog

Anytime my love!


so cute! I love this piece.

Thanks love! It was so perfect for our Havana travels!


Love the dress, the color is perfect for summer!

Agreed! My new favorite color!


Hannah L Schoendorf

Yes!!! I always chug a bottle of water before and after flights helps with bloating Haha, the less glamourous fact of flying

Yes! Tons and tons of water is so important. Definitely keeps my skin feeling fresh and hydrated.


I couldn’t agree more with these tips! I found that not napping on the first day is the most important, otherwise you will spend 3 days regretting it while trying to recover. I just recently started making more of an effort to sleep on the long flight and I found it really helps, too. I used to stay up the whole flight but it really kicked my butt when I got to my destination. Great post Jenny! <3

Couldn’t agree more! I’ll never make that mistake again.


love the tips! I always book my flights at night (if flying far) so I can sleep and relax that way when I land I’m ready to start my day with energy!

Also love the lavender suggestion – I also use eucalyptus!



Great plan!


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