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Beverly Hills
June 27, 2016

la-blogger-pink-street-stylemargo-and-me-street-stylesummer-time-fashion-essentialsla-haircare-beauty-secrets summer-pastel-wardrobe-essentials pink-street-style-gucci-bag feminine-street-style-bloggerpink-skirt-floral-blouse hair-care-dry-products kerastase-dry-hair-treatment kerastase-hair-care-repair haircut-kerastase-dry-treatment perfect-hair-cut-los-angeles dry-hair-beauty-tips blow-out-kerastase-hair salon-treatment-los-angeles kerastase-beauty-flat-layIf hair could speak, then mine would definitely be screaming, “I’m dry! Nourish me!”. Ever since I can remember, I’ve always struggled with the epic battle of dry hair and the overarching question: To cut or not to cut? Part of me totally understands that I need a trim in order to encourage healthy growth, but the other part of me says just let it grow. Regardless of what mindset I’m in, there is always one beauty and haircare routine that I stick to that keeps my hair looking and feeling extra healthy.

For years and years, I’ve been a huge advocate for Kérastase’s Nutritive Collection. Originally created in 1979, The Nutritive line quickly became the brand’s number one hair care regimen. Now, after fifteen years of research, the brand has done it again with their newest breakthrough – Nutritive Magistral.

Designed for severely dry hair, the collection is composed of four different products and an in-salon treatment, Nutritive Protocole Immunité, that both help nurse your scalp back to health! But what’s the secret? It actually comes in the form of a secret ingredient: the Benzoin Tree. Known for its replenishing properties and its ability prolong trees’ lifespans, the Benzoin Tree and its extracted ingredients contribute to Nutritive Magistral’s incredibly moisturizing formula and optimal hair nutrients. Last week I stopped by Juan Juan in LA to get the in-salon service. It was a great quick fix for infusing über dry hair with moisture and nutrition to get it on the path to recovery.

For someone who already suffers from naturally dry hair, I’m definitely not helping matters by using a flat iron or curling iron day in and day out. Sometimes, I catch myself doing a double take in the mirror because my split ends actually look like I dipped them in white paint (that’s also when I know I’m overdue for a haircut)! However, in between cuts, the Nutritive Magistral l collection keeps my hair feeling silky smooth.

The first step is the Nutritive Bain Magistral shampoo, which removes all the impurities from your (almost-perfect) hair. Step Two: Treat! With two different products: the Fondant Magistral is a nourishing conditioner and the Masque Magistral is a nourishing conditioner, which is designed for thick hair. Both of these conditioning products provide deep, intensive nourishment for your hair! The last step is your primer. The Nutritive Crème Magistrale is a creamy leave-in balm that melts into your hair, softens hair AND boosts shine! It can be used on slightly damp hair or dry hair for a healthy, post-style finishing touch!

In addition to the collection, Kérastase also partnered with former FBI Agent, Joe Navarro to launch the #HairLanguage Campaign, which decodes how we communicate using our hair. It’s no secret that the healthier and softer your hair is – the better you feel. I couldn’t be more grateful to have found a product line that can keep up with all the wear and tear that goes into my hair each and every day. Kérastase’s Nutritive Magistral line is a MUST TRY for anyone who has ever experienced dry or irritating hair! Promoting a healthy glow from the inside out, it’s no wonder this leading hair care brand has cracked the code on luscious locks. It truly does get better with age!!

Photos by Jessica Alexander and Tori Aston

Thank you Kérastase for sponsoring this post.

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What a beautiful look! Your hair looks amazing. Continue the great work!
Best, MODENOVA I http://www.modenova.com

This whole look is so pretty ! Love that bag, and yes, your hair looks gorgeous !!


This ensemble is to die for! Such a beautiful palette! You’re gorgeous Jenny!
If my hair could speak, it would definitely be screaming “volume, please!”

This is so cute, I am obsessed with your blouse!

Oh my gosh this outfit is total perfection. Your hair always looks gorgeous too. Your bangs are beautiful!

Arum Lilea

your hair is so gorgeous and shiny! love the outfit too!


Thank you so much sweetheart!


Always love your style and your hair looks amazing! I am blonde with a fringe and my hair is always dry, thanks for the info and hope you are having a good Monday 🙂

vintage style 🙂 cute look

Vintage with a contemporary twist is always the way to go!


I like that with Kerastase you seem to get an EXPERIENCE with their products. Which is cool.


Absolutely! They’re really excited about the customer experience. It starts the moment you purchase the product – I love that too!


Such a stunning post– as always! Your hair is beyond gorgeous, so its great to see some of you insider secrets! I hope you had a lovely trip to Santa Barbara!

New on #TheIndieGirl –>

Thank you so much Lovey!!

I’m so glad you’re enjoying all of this fresh content! And I’m happy to share any and all of my secrets!


Thank you so much Melissa!! Check it out at TOPSHOP!


This outfit is so A+ – I love how the gucci print really blended with the whole look!


Thank you so much! Prints on Prints on Prints!


gorgeous outfit! the color palette is so pretty!


Thank you Brett!

I loved it too – effortlessly femme and perfect for California Summer Days!


I can’t believe that top is from Topshop! What a cute find!

-Maggie http://www.thatgirlmags.com

I couldn’t believe it either!


Thank you Sasa! You MUST try Keristase’s new line!!


La Bijoux Bella | by mia

Such a beautiful soft blush pink colour. Just the parfait outfit for an afternoon in the gorgeous Summer time. 🙂

La Bijoux Bella | by mia

Gorgeous shoot! I love my Kerastase products too!
Lauren Ashley | brownpaperdoll.com

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