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New York, New York
January 20, 2020

Jenny Cipoletti Pregnant gender reveal Jenny Cipoletti Pregnant gender reveal Jenny Cipoletti Pregnant gender reveal Jenny Cipoletti Pregnant gender reveal

It’s a GIRL!

I’ve always been a self-proclaimed girly-girl – you know this about me. I love all things feminine, romantic and etherial. I always have. My sister and I’d always play dress up when we were young, and whenever I envisioned myself with a child, I always saw a little girl.

When we first found out that we are pregnant, Freddie and I had many candid conversations before we knew if it was a girl or boy. First and foremost, a healthy baby and a safe pregnancy is all we could ever ask for. I’d always hear people say this but never realized how true the wish feels until it’s your turn – this whole process is truly a miracle. We’d lay in bed at night and talk about how special it would be to have a little boy, and then we’d talk about how special it would be to have a little girl. Never did we say we wanted one or the other because that’s genuinely how we both felt. “Whatever we are meant to have, we’ll have”, we’d say.

That being said, finding our the gender was definitely something we both knew we wanted to know early on. We’ve had close friends and family wait until the birth to find out, and they say it’s the most amazing surprise in the world! I just don’t have that kind of patience, indeed a type A over here – planning and preparations are in order!

One thing I didn’t expect from finding out, however, was something I’ve discovered over the past few months that’s been truly extraordinary — the bonding. I am absolutely certain every mother and child go through this bonding regardless of knowing the gender, but there has been something incredibly sacred about discovering that she’s a she. The way I speak to her, the way I dream about her. I find myself having these internal conversations with her all the time. I tell her stories about her dad and our families. I tell her about all the beauty in the world and how she’s going to love discovering flowers, strawberries, the beaches, and sand. And then I’ll feel a kick, almost as if she’s acknowledging me. This is what I didn’t expect; I didn’t know this bonding would feel so deep.

We had the 15-week blood test done on a Thursday, and the following Monday, Freddie and I were hopping into an uber heading home from a meeting when the doctor called with the results. She said, “are you ready to find out the gender of the baby?” to which I responded, “WAIT! Let me put you on speaker so my husband can hear too!” (Our uber driver was in for an earful at this point). We clutched onto each other as she said: “It’s a GIRL!” Tears filled my eyes, as they are now just writing this. I couldn’t stop laughing and tearing; we were in absolute shock with excitement! I like to joke that Freddie quickly rolled down the window to get some air, but truthfully, in that moment, I saw something inside of him soften. He just kept saying, “it’s a giiiiiiiirl!”. The thing is, I know how nurturing, caring, devoted, loving, and protective this man is just with Margo and me. So to envision him with his little girl, my heart felt like it was exploding. This little girl is going to be so treasured.

While I instinctually say, “I can’t wait to meet her”, I can. I am truly savoring each moment of being pregnant. Being witness to the beauty of my changing body and this miracle we created has brought an entirely new meaning into my life. I couldn’t be more grateful that I’ve been given the blessing of becoming a mother.

And because I am bursting to share all the things I’ve had in the works, mainly nursery details, I wanted to leave you with my mood board I’ve created for her nursery (I use Milanote, my goto site for mood boarding as Freddie and I have been designing each room). We still haven’t finalized thing like wallpaper or carpet so I’ll be storying some options throughout the week to get your feedback. The theme is Parisian Garden. With moss and forest greens sprinkled throughout grey and blush pinks. And for those of you expecting a boy and looking for nursery ideas, my theme would have been vintage hot air balloons like this wallpaper or this dinosaur print wallpaper.

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How exciting! Congrats! Thanks for sharing this beautiful moment. 🙂

AHH! Congrats, this is so exciting. I can’t wait to see all the outfits you will put her in!

Super happy for you Jenny! COngratulations. I can’t believe there’s going to be a mini you soon.

Congratulations! So happy for you

Congratulations, Jenny! I bet you are going to love dressing her up 🙂

One lucky little girl. Congratulations

I totally see you with a girl. OMG she is going to be so stylish! CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!

Congratulations!! It’s true cherish this time pregnant. It’s so lovely to have her, or in my case them(twins) , to yourself!

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