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New York, New York
June 22, 2020

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My elements of timeless style…After three long months of isolation combined with the end of my pregnancy, having a baby and working through postpartum recovery, it’s finally time. I’ve honestly been in no rush, this almost forced maternity leave has prompted me to accomplish so many projects around the house (pre-baby) and allowed me and Freddie to have undivided baby time. But for the first time since all this began, I felt it was finally time to dust off my handbag, throw on a pre-pregnancy dress, these Sarah Flint Parker heels and step out! After all, I needed to make sure I still knew how to walk in heels it’s been so long!

Returning to routine for me means getting ready each day and shooting content to share with each of you. And while I’ve been doing that in an edited way around the house, it’s so nice to get dressed up – even if it was only to take a few pictures on my front stoop. It’s been absolutely forever since I’ve shared a fashion exclusive blog post so with Spring…(summer?) finally upon us, I’m here to chat about a return to the classics and the elements of timeless style, all inspired by the shoe that was designed with a different era in mind.

For me, the classics refer to elements of timeless style that encompass something I refer to as ‘the feminine formula.’ A recipe that is the backbone of my personal style, it’s formed from my deep passion for the feminine side of fashion. Taking inspiration from muses like Catherine Deneuve, Grace Kelly, and Brigitte Bardot, each remaining as relevant today as they did decades ago, I guess it’s why we refer to them as style icons. 

There’s always been a sense of romance in what I choose to wear and when it comes to shopping, I’m loyal to designers who also embody this same ethos. Sarah Flint being one of them. You’ve heard me talk about her time and time again with good reason, her brand is built on the fabric and belief of style without sacrifice. Her Parker Heels with the black polkadot mesh that I’m wearing here are a beautiful nod to her grandmothers vintage pieces. The heel boasts her tried-and-true features like anatomical arch support, 6mm of memory foam padding and an inset block heel for extra comfort and walkability. 

But what I love most about Sarah Flints designs is not only her stylistic nod to vintage, but her design and manufacturing process is also done in traditional shoemaking form. Each of her shoes are made using a very traditional shoe-making technique called hand-rolled French binding, which only a very skilled artisan can accomplish. It takes around 10-15 minutes to do this process on each shoe and it is a completely handmade process. The hand-rolled French binding is seen on the edge of the Parker Heel where the black polka dot mesh has a black border. They are a very special heel! Use the code SARAHFLINT-JENNY for $50 off your Sarah Flint order!

So if you’re curious to discover and define your timeless style, I set out on a mission to create a guide for the everyday girl who wants to live her best, timeless style life.

1. Know Your Default Outfit

Meaning, when you’re rushing to get ready in the morning, it’s easy to get sloppy with what you’re wearing. Always have a default option, think of this as your uniform that you opt for when something’s just not working. This time of year, mine is a sweater, knee high boots and a mini skirt – inspired by none other than Bridget Bardot. Another timeless look is black capri pants, a black turtle neck and a tan trench coat – thanks Audrey!

2. Style The Staples

When it comes to having timeless style, one must have a wardrobe to support the looks, so it’s important to know what piece to buy. While I could go into length about what to buy and where, it may serve you to visit this post instead where I clearly define and outline the style staples that will round out your timeless wardrobe.

3. Resist Trends

While the all over designer logo print may seem tempting, resist your urge to splurge on items that will have you standing out this season and have you wondering why you bought it the next. Think tasteful not trendy, and instead, invest your hard earned paper on the classic like these Sarah Flint Parkers that will never go out of style.

4. Careful with Color

As a color lover myself, it’s important to remember that timeless style doesn’t mean you have to trade in your wardrobe for a neutral one. If you’re careful with color, the look can be just as timeless. Try a monochrome look, it’s always been my favorite way to pair colors – very eye catching!

Thanks to Sarah Flint for sponsoring this post.

Where can I find this dress?

You look so beautiful! I absolutely am in love with these shoes! x


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