Falling for Ruffles


ruffled-top-new-york-fashion-week street-style-fall-trends net-a-porter-street-style bright-colors-fall-fashion ruffles-style-for-fall blue-ruffled-top-for-fall pastel-colors-fall-trends new-york-fashion-week-trends ruffle-blouse-pink-pants ruffled-blouse-for-fall margo-and-me-fashion-blogger new-york-blogger-street-style net-a-porter-fashion-styleAfter the madness of New York Fashion Week dies down, I love taking this time to reflect about all of the incredible trends I saw on and off the runway. It’s always such an exciting time; so much possibility and opportunity for new styles: colors, shapes, and silhouettes. Something I noticed this season was the designer’s ability to capitalize on trends that were already on the rise. Taking something that people already love and bringing a fresh perspective and unique approach to it. Isn’t that one of the greatest fundamentals of fashion? It’s no surprise that I’m a huge fan of the oh-so-feminine ruffle and it’s definitely having its moment in the sun. But how do designers find a way to keep a trend from becoming overdone and instead make it feel like a classic, staple piece? Read on – it’s simpler than you think and Net-A-Porter makes these dreams a reality!

Bold ruffles are definitely here to stay. Whether they’re framing your face, accentuating the hips, or falling off the shoulder so perfectly, they are definitely a dramatic, statement piece. They don’t need too many accessories because they do all the talking! But there are so many unique ways to feature the ruffle. I absolutely loved this look from Net-A-Porter. The Asymmetrical neckline’s nod to the 80’s is trés chic when paired with structural ruffles. It doesn’t hurt that this look was featured on so many different catwalks this season! Opt for an interesting neckline to make your ruffles pop!

Ruffled looks are often associated with summertime and breezy, warm-weather dresses. But as we transition into fall, I don’t want you to think that you have to pack away all your beautiful blouses and dresses! Ruffles aren’t just for spring! Layering plays a key role in so many stylish fall looks and by playing with a variety of different pieces, you can bring a whole new approach to the ruffle. Net-A-Porter has so many different options that I felt like I had died and gone to ruffle heaven! Think different textures, fabrics, and darker colors and prints. This allows you to feature some of your favorite key pieces and trends year round without feeling like you need to wait a year. Because what’s better than reinventing the wheel AND getting to wear your favorite trends year round?!

Photos by Fred Cipoletti.

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