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July 18, 2018

creative well being creative well being creative well being creative well beingcreative well being

Well being – what does it all mean? Lots of people talk about it as a buzzy topic saved for the wellness world, but it’s only recently that I’ve personally embarked on a journey of understanding what it truly means to me. I’ve felt a pull to uncover my own well being out of a desire to reconnect with my creative self. Out of a desire to soothe my creative well being.

It’s a really interesting time in my life as I’ve now been creating professionally for almost 10 years. In a few different capacities, however, one thing that has always remained consistent is a drive to create more. To me, creativity is the ultimate form of self expression, so it’s at times effortless to feel inspired or want to create. My husband is the same. But because of this endless inspiration and the desire to create create create, we’re constantly “on”.

It’s difficult not to feel on when there are so many things around me that spark creativity. From my written words of story telling to my visual ones, they all come from inspiration deep within or that I’ve witnessed externally. Even this article was something I felt I “had to share” because if I was feeling this way, someone else must, too.

But where does that leave my creative well being or how I’m feeling when I create non stop? It’s close to a feeling of being burnt out. It’s a desire to disconnect opposed to connect. To revert to a place to recharge my soul in hopes of emerging stronger and full of creative synergy. It’s me realizing that I need to feed my creative well being by giving it a break. By noticing and appreciating inspiration, but not feeling a need to create based on that instantly.

And it’s a message I want to bring more awareness to, especially in the creative field. Because as always, sharing insight and my story can only help to make others feel like their burnout is normal, and that you do in fact need to place your well being – whether creative or not – above the desire to turn out more content.

The first and most important thing that you can do for yourself is to realize that you need to take a break. We often times don’t acknowledge this because for many reasons, but the biggest reason this day is Social Media. With such immediacy in our lives, we feel this constant sense of urgency that is cyclical. It begins the minute you wake up and the minute you go to bed. A small tingle to post, to shoot, or to share what you’re doing in your life. Even on vacation or during a time meant to “disconnect,” there’s a natural urge to document and share. And while sharing is a beautiful thing, and what I love most on top of creating, it’s not always best for our state of creative well being.

I’ve been working hard to let my creative well being be taken care of, and let me tell you, it’s freeing. I hope you can do the same when your body, soul, and mind are calling for it. Because our creative well being is what keeps us creating out of inspiration, not force.

Tell me, what does creative well being mean to you? Have you ever thought of your creative well being? How do you treat it?

Photography by Freddie Cipoletti.

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Jenny, thank you so much for writing this!! I am back on Instagram from a year break and I am noticing how addictive it is and what a dangerous place it is if I don’t give myself the permission to be “off” creativity wise. I am working towards the balance as well as you’re speaking of feeling inspired but not needing to create on the spot. My new thing lately is to ask my self why I want to post/create. If it’s self-serving I let it go. If I do feel like it is going to add value to my tribe then I allow myself to share. Thanks for always being so honest. You are a delight to look at and to get to know. I have looked up to you so much in my career and only hope to be inspired by you to be the best version of myself. Thank you for all you do and who you are!

oh my gosh how was the year off? I’d LOVE to hear more! Thank you thank you! Such a sweet note.

This is so well written, Jenny! I have always admired your creativity and appreciate the hard work that goes into everything you are sharing. I can totally relate to that tingle to want to share or feeling a pull to post something, but I have recently taken a major step back from social media and love how freeing it is! Thanks for sharing your thoughts on it!

xo Bryn

Your comment makes my day, Bryn! Thank you so much — love that you’ve taken a step back and felt freedom from it. Hope you are well!

Thank you for this, Jenny! I have been in this creatively whirl fir the last year and a half since I started Brunette from Wall Street. I keep working and working, often more than 28 hours a day, sometimes I don’t even sleep for 24 hours. And I simply can’t stop. Words and ideas keep coming up to my mind. When I close my eyes I see the outfits I should write about, when I’m awake words flying to my head. I feel I will burnout soon and yet my creativity won’t let me stop doing my work. I did however step back from Instagram and I must admit that it feels so damn good. Not only I have more time, I feel different (lighter if you know what I mean) now. It’s not much but it is something.
The next thing I feel I need to do now is to paint. I just want to paint. I haven’t painted for years now since I put Brunette from Wall Street before everything. It’s really difficult to find your own creativity well being when you only have one priority and only one reason to be. But in order to be you have to change the priorities from time to time.


First up babe, I feel you – but you MUST rest! Your mental state is sooo crucial. I’m so happy I could connect with you and so happy to hear you’re going to paint. Please do! xx

Ajda | Leap Into Lovely

Jenny, your post really hit home with me. I used to be on my phone posting to social media all the time when traveling to keep my presence known in the digital world that I forgot to live in the moment and absorb the exotic beauty and culture staring at me right in the face! Now, I live in the moment and I take my photos, but I wait to edit and plan my posts until I come back home. That way I get to fully benefit from the experience and as a result can share more meaningful content with my audience. It’s a #winwin. Plus let’s face it, we all know that Instagram is no longer “instant” posts… (for the most part!).

I love your blog and Instagram feed. Such beautiful and inspirational content! Thank you for sharing.

xo, Ajda

IG: @leapintolovely

I’m so glad you related here babe! You have such great notes about living in the moment – thank you for the reminder. xx

Your dress is so lovely and chic.

|| The Neon Factor, by Diana ||

What a beautiful post Jenny! It stands out to me so much because you really delve deep into what creative well being is versus just why it’s important! I think a lot of the time, people don’t take care of their well being because they aren’t clear on what it is exactly. Once you really know what something is, it’s a lot easier to go about setting a point to do it. One thing that really stood out to me is how you talk about how important it is to know yourself and to understand what you need and want, not just what an outside force is thinking you should do! You and Freddie really are true creators.


Ahh so glad you caught on that! That’s exactly what I was going for, and I agree with you. Thanks for being here lady! xx

Loved reading this post! For me, creative wellbeing is knowing when to take a break and not creating content just for the sake of it. 🙂


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