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BEAUTY February 19, 2018

The #NotSponsoredSeries: Metallic Lids

Though the classic cat eye flick is a signature staple of mine, I equally enjoy exploring other trends. During New York Fashion Week, I jumped on board with the sparkle movement, and went for a bold eye look by way of metallic...

NYFW February 16, 2018

5 Street Style Trends to Take Away from NYFW

There's no doubt that the fashion masterpieces we see on the runway are what make New York Fashion Week - it's the whole point after all. It sets the tone for seasons to come, and seeing the designers display their work is like nothing else. But one additional aspect of fashion month that always inspires me is the street style worn by those involved...

LIFESTYLE February 12, 2018

Dealing With Comparison

This headline has been swirling around my head for years now. Comparison, ahhh the bane of many industries, I'm sure, and something like hits like the plague in the blogging world. And as I'm taking a break from shows during New York Fashion Week, surrounded by the elites of the industry, what better time to write out my thoughts?

STYLE February 9, 2018

NYC & Me: How to Dress Like a New Yorker

Though they say you aren't a true New Yorker until you've lived through an entire winter, I think I deserve a bit of credit. Freddie is from here, so even before we made the move official, we've been lucky enough to spend many months here over the years. Add in countless NYFW trips, and I'd like to think I understand the basics of dressing like a local.

Trending January 22, 2018

6 Major Fashion Week Faux Pas

As you may have seen or heard, Fashion Month kicked off this past week with Menswear in Milan and now, Couture in Paris. I watch with FOMO as my peers elegantly grace the Parisian Pavement - trust me when I say it just gets me so excited for what’s to come in the next few weeks...

STYLE November 17, 2017

Lusting Over Luxe Suits

As evident by girl bosses and cool girls everywhere, power suits are no longer just for the boys of Wall Street. And though a certain form of these suits were made famous by women of the 1990s, the entire trend has gotten a fresh and forward revamp. Enter, the most luxe suits we've seen in decades, and a style I can't get enough of.

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