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TRAVEL August 29, 2019

A Trip Back in Time

I know what you’re thinking; did you travel back in time? Are you an international spy? A 007 agent?While I love to play the part, this was merely a trip to the new TWA Hotel at JFK with the Michael Kors team last week. And as you can tell, I took getting into character very seriously. I have to say, I love a good theme.

TRAVEL November 20, 2017

Destination Jackson Hole

Our latest travel adventures landed us smack dab in the heart of America. A spot that's been on my bucket list since falling in love with Ansel Adams photo of the majestic Teton Mountains and the snake river in a film photography class I took in high school.  I'd never been able to see black and white photography tell a story in the way he was able to.

TRAVEL September 15, 2017

The Venice Experience

It's easy to get swept away by feelings of Venice. From the moment you land, you're keenly aware that the adventure you are about to embark on is unlike anything else you've ever e...

TRAVEL June 21, 2017

Tropical Turks & Caicos Trip

From Cuba to Cannes to Cabo, Rome to Positano, and Provence the #MMWorldTour💫 is certainly off to an exciting start! While I live for the experiences travel brings it’s also incredibly fun curating looks for each of these destinations in hopes to...

TRAVEL June 8, 2017


If you're planning a trip to Cuba, this might be the most helpful bit of advice you will read before you go. It’s always been on our bucket list to visit, and since it’s now possible to take a direct flight from JFK, we knew it was time. But I had so many logistical questions about...

TRAVEL June 6, 2017

Adventures At Chileno Bay

I guess it's true what they say, time sure does fly when you're having fun. I blinked and suddenly realized it's been a month since our dreamy stay at Cabo San Lucas' Chileno Bay. With all of our recent travels, I'm excited to see that you guys are curious about all of the places we've been staying and the experiences we've been having. So much so that...

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