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STYLE December 14, 2021

Christmas Eve Outfit Ideas

As I spend the next few days packing up for California where we'll be joining my side of the family for our remaining Christmas celebrations, I've been putting together looks like a mad woman for each of the dinners, parties and Christmas day festivities that my mom and sister have planned. Yes, this look has made the cut - the perfect Christmas Eve outfit if I've ever seen one! If you're still on the fence about what to wear, I'm sharing a few more pieces I ordered from Anthropologie when ordering this look. Have a scroll, hope you find something you love!

STYLE October 27, 2021

City Hall Wedding Looks

I've always romanced the idea of a City Hall wedding and love seeing all of the looks that brides plan for their special day. Maybe SJP had something to do with the notion of exchanging nu...

STYLE October 4, 2021

The Time-less Classics

I've always been a bag girl over a shoe girl. A necklace girl over an earring girl and most definitely a watch girl over a bracelet girl. Freddie and I began collecting watches the year we were married - a gift to each other on our first wedding anniversary. This is what sparked the second most significant shift in my style evolution - understanding the artistry of watchmaking.

STYLE August 5, 2021

Must Haves from Madewell

I have a confession to make; I'm a low key Madewell hoarder. Always been, always will be. When it comes to stylish basics, it's just really hard to compete! So if you're like me and Madwell is indeed your preferred retail watering hole - everything from Denim shorts, tops and dresses - this post is for you.

STYLE June 14, 2021

Fine Jewelry Gifts for Her

The fine jewelry collector inside of me is deeply drawn to the creations of designer Aurelia Demark. You may remember this pendant I received when Lucy was first born - a bunny with en emerald eye, her birthstone.

STYLE April 8, 2021

A Few New Jewelry Favorites

A few new jewelry favorites and an impromptu Apple Watch purchase has recently led me down the rabbit hole of chic Apple Watch bands. I've always thought of the Apple Watch as a "sporty dud" and for someone who doesn’t necessarily outfit themselves with the latest and greatest in gadgets, I never really felt like...

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