Category: Let’s Get Personal

LIFESTYLE January 22, 2019

The 6 Books That Changed My Life

Discovering a good book is just about as gratifying as hearing your new favorite song for the first time or taking a sip of a delicious glass of wine. It’s soul quenching on another level - the gift that keeps on giving...

NYC & Me August 8, 2018

My First Couple Months as a New Yorker

For those of you who are wondering, how is it living in the big city? Well, let's just say, I can’t believe I didn’t move sooner...

Blogging & Business July 31, 2018

The Downfall of Our Industry?

Today I awoke on an early Monday morning to start my work week - like every other hard working individual - to yet another Vogue.com influence-targetted article. Only this time, the headline reads “Influencers are Sparking the Downfall of Their Industry.”

Let’s Get Personal July 18, 2018

Creative Well Being

Well being - what does it all mean? Lots of people talk about it as a buzzy topic saved for the wellness world, but it’s only recently that I’ve personally embarked on a journey of understandin...

LIFESTYLE February 12, 2018

Dealing With Comparison

This headline has been swirling around my head for years now. Comparison, ahhh the bane of many industries, I'm sure, and something like hits like the plague in the blogging world. And as I'm taking a break from shows during New York Fashion Week, surrounded by the elites of the industry, what better time to write out my thoughts?

STYLE January 1, 2018

2018 #Goals

If you caught Saturday's 2017 Monumental Moments Post, you know what a special year 2017 was to me. But I love a new year, a fresh start with new beginnings. And I've always been one to set ...

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