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BEAUTY April 12, 2018

NARS x Erdem Strange Flowers Collection

It's been a while since the last video on Margo & Me launched, and I could not be more thrilled to save the revive for such a memorable occasion. As you might remember, I bopped over to London after New York Fashion Week. Since then, I've been dying to share details with you!...

Skincare March 30, 2018

My Latest Beauty Obsession

I’ve been so happy to hear the positive feedback from more regular beauty posts on Margo & Me. There was a hiatus due to 24/7 coverage of Fashion Month, but I promise, beauty is on the brain – and there’s sure to be an influx of this type of content bracing the pages of this site. Starting again today!

BEAUTY February 19, 2018

The #NotSponsoredSeries: Metallic Lids

Though the classic cat eye flick is a signature staple of mine, I equally enjoy exploring other trends. During New York Fashion Week, I jumped on board with the sparkle movement, and went for a bold eye look by way of metallic...

BEAUTY January 26, 2018

Luxurious Face Oils Under $150

Sometimes I forget that even the most mundane acts are those to be shared, as we're all looking for the tips and tricks to feeling our best. So in today's installment of skin secrets, I wanted to touch on face oils...

BEAUTY January 15, 2018

The #NotSponsored Series: Short Hair Styling Tricks

"The #NotSponsored Series" highlights the products that I've picked up on my own - and that I'm obsessed with. An authentic look at the products I've spent my hard-earned money on and keep coming back to. And to kick off the series, I'm starting with something I've gotten tons of questions about: my hair!...

BEAUTY January 5, 2018

My Healthy Evening Skincare Routine

Growing up with a mother who is an esthetician, I was fortunate to develop an appreciation for healthy skincare early on. It was certainly a proactive approach, and I'm incredibly grateful that a skincare routine was instilled early on...

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