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BEAUTY July 16, 2015


And just like that! In a New York minute, our trip to New York has come and gone but not before paying a visit to one of the most beautiful places in the city – a summer must! The iconic Central Park seems to transform each season; it’s hard to decide which I love more. Blanketed fields of snow and ice-skating or crowd packed fountains and picnics under the willows of the boathouse. Regardless, each season I...

TRAVEL June 9, 2015


Exciting news today as the blog takes on a slightly different look with our images appearing double the size in each of our posts! While a somewhat small change, this means big things for us here at the Margo & Me headquarters because it's beginning to redefine who we are and what we stand for....

BEAUTY April 7, 2015

Elle Magazine // the influential

If you've picked up April's issue of Elle Magazine, you might have seen a familiar face! My first reaction to seeing it? Ear to ear smiles! Ok, ok, maybe a few giggles and screams too! Being selected as Aprils Elle Influential is such an incredible honor and I am beyond ...

BEAUTY October 6, 2014

Be Gorgeous

As a creature of habit, there are certain things about my beauty regime that have stuck with me for years. Once in a while, a new cosmetic sample will prompt me to add something new to my daily routine but….

BEAUTY September 18, 2014

Faces of Beauty

With that being said, I still have my beauty essentials that I can't seem to get enough of! Instead of two different YSL lipsticks, I'll buy two of the same color because I know I'll be running out of it quicker than I can get back to Neiman Marcus to restock on….

TRAVEL July 25, 2014

Sun Baby

My Mom, who is an esthetician was more relieved than anyone to hear that I was smartening up to skin damage. I truly have her to thank not only for turning me on to all of the products that I use for sun protection but also….

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