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BEAUTY October 16, 2015


Give me your rooftops, your cold rose and warm chocolate croissants. I’ll alway long for your endless streets of colorful doors and cafes filed with charm. The smell of sweet, flower-filled gardens and sun kissed tree tops will always remind me of the city I love most....

BEAUTY October 11, 2015


Although we can’t quite feel it yet in Los Angeles, Fall has arrived! This means lots of trendy changes happening in our wardrobes, but I’m curious, what’s happening on your vanity!? My beauty regime demands routine over the next few months especially during one of the craziest seasons of the...

BEAUTY August 28, 2015

Pampering Perfected

If your anything like me, having a passion for beauty and fashion is your favorite pastime. And judging my the steady stream of inspiring flatly images in my Instagram feed, anti aging creams and other assorted beauty products on the subject are going no where fast. While I tend to keep to my go to's I love nothing more than a new product to incorporate into this regime. A few items I added to my shelves first are from Urban Outfitters new beauty assortment they are carrying.

BEAUTY July 16, 2015


And just like that! In a New York minute, our trip to New York has come and gone but not before paying a visit to one of the most beautiful places in the city – a summer must! The iconic Central Park seems to transform each season; it’s hard to decide which I love more. Blanketed fields of snow and ice-skating or crowd packed fountains and picnics under the willows of the boathouse. Regardless, each season I...

BEAUTY October 6, 2014

Be Gorgeous

As a creature of habit, there are certain things about my beauty regime that have stuck with me for years. Once in a while, a new cosmetic sample will prompt me to add something new to my daily routine but….

BEAUTY September 18, 2014

Faces of Beauty

With that being said, I still have my beauty essentials that I can't seem to get enough of! Instead of two different YSL lipsticks, I'll buy two of the same color because I know I'll be running out of it quicker than I can get back to Neiman Marcus to restock on….

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