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BEAUTY March 17, 2022

My Most Complimented Fragrances

You know that one fragrance that you wear that people always seem to stop and ask you what you’re wearing? I’m sure you’re thinking of the one right now...It’s true that we all ‘wear’ fragra...

BEAUTY January 19, 2022

My Luxury Beauty Cabinet

When it comes to luxury in skincare, there are a handful of products that I will always invest in. After spending close to a decade in the beauty industry, and even before that as a consumer, I h...

BEAUTY January 3, 2022

My Major Beauty Giveaway on Instagram!

I am fully guilty of romanticizing the holidays and I admit that it can be stressful at times. Before I left for California to celebrate Christmas there with my family, I decided to curate a majo...

WELLNESS January 4, 2021

Of Social Media & Into A New Year

Four days into January 2021 and I’m feeling good! New Year resolutions haven’t exactly been my “thing”, but this year felt different. I’ve been needing a restart and January 1st, 2021 felt like the right moment to set some new intentions, personally and professionally.

WELLNESS March 20, 2020

Covid-19 & The Climate Crisis; Flattening The Curve

Be it the current state of the world battling a common invisible enemy; Covid-19. Or perhaps it's that I'm becoming a mother for the first time and am thinking of what kind of world my daughter will grow up in. Or maybe it's day eight of quarantine and going on nine months of sobriety. Whatever it is, I've felt an innate responsibility to have a dialogue surrounding an issue that's incredibly important to me...

BEAUTY March 6, 2020

Pregnancy Safe Skincare & Best Clean Beauty Brands

Our skin is our largest organ and absorbs everything we put on it - that means it crosses into our bloodstream and affects our baby as well. It shouldn't take becoming a mother to have this "aha" moment in realizing that we need to be far more mindful of what we're putting into, and therefore into, our bodies.

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