Capes Away

June 20, 2014


I have to admit I’ve never been one for walking – laziness is a real problem people! I was raised in the suburbs of San Fransisco in a little town called Palo Alto, maybe you’ve heard of it as being the home of  Facebook? But anyway, I digress. Walking was never an option in Palo Alto. The lay of the land was far too vast compared to city living. I was bumming rides from friends as early as 7th grade. My girlfriends always had older siblings that drove us around. You can’t even imagine how ecstatic I was the day I got my license!

After Palo Alto, I moved to Los Angeles. Another city that lives in their cars. I was never exposed to this whole walking thing until I met my fiancé. We often travel back to New York, where he’s from and as you can imagine I was a little shocked by his suggestion to walk everywhere! After five years of traveling together, he’s actually managed to turn me into a “walker”! I honestly prefer it! Walking through a new city opens up your eyes to so much more that you wouldn’t see in a subway or in a taxi. I can’t even tell you how many restaurants and boutiques we found that were off the beaten path. It really exposes you to a whole new side of the city.

On this day in particular, we hadn’t planned for a shoot. We were just wandering, taking photos and as you can see, found some pretty cool places that merited a few snaps. Paris was a little chillier than I anticipated so this cape came in really handy. I love the sleek a-line silhouette achieved by the structured alpaca. Check out the leather patches on the shoulders too, I love the sporty detail.

Photos by Fred Cipoletti

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Great outfit; love the cape & I want your leather pants and your silver oxfords!
The last 2 photos are my favorites.
I’m not a walker either btw, but maybe someday..
xo Lyn

Ha! Remember when you came and met us at that Starbucks beside urban outfitters close to melrose. “You WALKED here?!? From hlwd blvd??!!! Crazy swedes!!!”

LISA! I was thinking about you guys the whole time! It’s so funny!

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