Coco’s Favorite Hat is Back

Beverly Hills, CA
July 29, 2016

MargoandMe-2 MargoandMe MargoandMe-13 MargoandMe-12 MargoandMe-10 MargoandMe-9 MargoandMe-7 MargoandMe-6 MargoandMe-5 MargoandMe-4 With my love of France, comes my love of the very icon herself – the woman who set the bar for the fashion industry. Coco Chanel marched to the beat of her own drum and was an incredible advocate for forgetting the rules and wearing something if you really, truly loved it.

Among other things, Chanel has been credited with redefining the classic boater hat. Originally a men’s summer formal hat, Chanel’s relationship with straw boater hats was only the beginning of her career in the world of fashion. For a brief period of time, Coco worked as a Milliner (a hat maker!) selling straw hats to the ladies of Paris – so romantic! As the trend spread like wildfire around the streets of Paris, Chanel elevated this simple hat to a whole new level – adorning it with brooches, adding ribbon, you name it!

I’ve always been a huge fan of the boater hat. I love it for its nautical vibe and it’s the perfect addition to an outfit. It can make a feminine frock feel super fresh and fun and it doesn’t have to be taken so seriously. On the other hand, you can also add a hat to any look to give it some extra polish – a suit or the perfect jacket even.

While I absolutely love the boater, I’m also just a lover of hats in general. No joke, I have over 50 hats in my closet, so if any of you have any creative tips on how to store these, please let me know! Straw hats, wide brimmed hats, structured hats, you name it! You can definitely use it to your advantage to really frame your face. Take a look at a few of my favorite hat DOs and DON’TS below for your guide to styling this iconic accessory!

DO adorn your hats!
Coco Chanel was definitely onto something! Adorn your hats with brooches, accessories, scarves, or ribbons to elevate your hat and subsequently, your whole ensemble.

DON’T make it too “matchy”.
If your hat is made out of a special material, let that speak for itself! No need to pair a leather hat with leather pants! The hat will do all the talking – I promise!

DO keep in mind your color choices!
If you’re opting for a simple woven hat, opt to pair it with beautifully neutrals and accessories that feature a pop of color for a casual, luxe look. For something a little more refined, try a head to toe black ensemble and a perfect black hat to finish off the look.

DON’T use a hat to save or fix an outfit.
Hats are supposed to enhance your look and/ or take it to the next level! They are definitely not intended to “rescue” an outfit. Odds are, it will end up making your look sloppy and who wants that?

DO pick the right shape for your face!
Choose your brim wisely! The taller you are, the large the brim! It can take your outfit from average to spectacular!

Photos by Fred Cipoletti.

:: Sachin & Babi Top :: Line & Dot Shorts :: Soludos Shoes :: CottonOn Hat :: Chanel Vintage Bucket Bag :: Ray Ban Sunglasses :: 


What really stand out here was your skin. I love your smooth and fair skin complexion.


Love vintage bags!
Much better than having what everyone else does.


Ohh, I just love hats!! This post was really fun to read!


This is a beautiful pair of high heels, love it!!!

Thank you so much Roxanne!


What a great hat, it looks amazing on you. Your pictures are beautiful as always.

xo, Maryam

Sometimes the simplest choices are the best ones!


I love the boater hat. So chic. I can’t believe you have over 50 hats. I’d love to see your hat closet! Wow.


Absolutely LOVE this blog! You’re stunning, I love your love story, and the fashion is perfection! I’m slowly starting to work on my site and was curious if you would be ok being listed as one of “My Favorites” in the right sidebar?

Warmest regards,

Absolutely! I would love nothing more!


Oh my…Love that boater hat! I also struggle with storing my hats….not to mention travelling with them. I’ve crushed way too many on planes, trains and automobiles along the way lol Great post!

Then you must check out the live Facebook segment I did for Marie Claire! I talk all about packing for a trip to the Hamptons. And spoiler alert – it has my secret hat packing tricks!


What a super cute look ! This hat and the top are adorable !


I love boater hats! Thanks for sharing all of the background info on Coco, too! That explains my love for them!

xo bryn

What a beautiful post! I love red on you 🙂

I read so many blogs, many of which have great photos, but yours are always above and beyond. I don’t know if it’s just the quality or your amazing ability to scout locations, set up, etc., but keep up whatever you’re doing! Your Instagram is always the first one I pull up when a photographer asks me for inspo!



This made my whole day Emily! Thank you for your love and support! It means the world!


Thank you so much!! Bright and fun for summer!


Love this look! Seeing you rock the boater hats in the past has already had me itching to pick one up for myself.

Love your styling advice my love! Stunning pieces~


Love this outfit! I haven’t really gotten into hats, but I might have to try something new!


It’s summer! Now’s the time to experiment! There’s a hat out there for everyone!


You’re so sweet!


Fantastic post! I am huge fan of French style. This is so chic and timeless.

Happy weekend dear


Is there truly anything better than the perfect hat?


Thank you! It’s so fresh and fun for summer!


You’re too sweet!

Thank you for your support!


So gorgeous! I love that print, you make it work so well! Just wanted to say I am LOVING the new Youtube series and seeing how successful you are with so many new projects one after the other gives me butterflies! It makes me feel like us gals can accomplish SO much in the fashion industry! So proud of you, Jenny! You are such an inspiration!
-Amanda Carmela

Thank you so much Amanda! This is just the beginning! We CAN do anything.


super cute! i’ve recently gotten into boater hats as well, and i’m obsessed with mine 🙂
xo, coco | millennielle.com

Yes, it’s all about finding the right one for you. It’s so versatile!


This is so darling! love the shorts and they go so perfectly with the rest of the outfit.


I love how Channel broke the mold in fashion- taking many risks in an era where playing it safe was the norm. She redefined the silhouette of the dress and introduced her iconic tweed jacket. As luxurious as her brand became, she always remembered her roots and incorporated them into her designs. The chains sewn into the hemlines of her jackets and used as purse handles are a reminder of her childhood growing up in an orphanage (the caretakers used identical chains to carry their keys). Her boat hat is just another great example of taking elements of mens fashion and introducing them to women’s fashion- just as she did with the pant suit. A true fashion and cultural icon. Thanks for sharing!

XOXO, Amy @ Jeans and a Tea

PS- you look amazing as usual!

She was the absolute queen of reinvention and breaking boundaries. The ultimate fashion icon and role model!


Oops- I can’t believe I misspelled Chanel! ;-0

La Bijoux Bella | by mia

Oh la la, such a delightful look. The background scenery is alluring and beautiful. You always have the best look to go with the best scenes! Absolutely the best in the West! Have a pleasant weekend ahead! 🙂

La Bijoux Bella | by mia

Thank you so much sweetheart!


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