The #NotSponsoredSeries: Metallic Lids

LOCATION:  New York, New York

metallic eyesmetallic eyes metallic eyes metallic eyes metallic eyesmetallic eyes metallic eyesmetallic eyes

If you remember from the first installment of this series, this is a place for me to share what I’m currently loving with you. From selects that I can’t get enough of, to beauty products lining my vanity, these are the products I’m not being paid to showcase and that I’m spending my own dollars on. I was so thrilled to see such a positive response from last month’s focus on hair products, so I kept it in the beauty realm again this month.

Though the classic cat eye flick is a signature staple of mine, I equally enjoy exploring other trends. During New York Fashion Week, I jumped on board with the sparkle movement, and went for a bold eye look. Metallic lids are having a moment and they’re such a playful touch. Before leaving New York, I stocked up on products for the ultimate metallic lid, and I’ve been playing around with those non-stop. Here are a few of the products I recently scooped – plus ones I’ve had in my makeup bag for years.

Eye paint

Mauve and all things purple are a trend headlining 2018, so of course I had to select a product from that color family. These eye paints are extremely simple to use and provide an effortless look. I dab my ring finger in lightly and then tap, tap, tap the paint over my lid. If I’m going for a bolder look, I’ll use a heavier finger when applying, as this product builds nicely.

Velvet shadow stick

If you covet an eyeliner that gives you a thicker line and is crazy easy to apply, this is for you. Like velvet, these sticks smoothly glide on to make your eyes pop. I apply to the top lid, then dab a little on the lower line for a more intense finish.

Eye shadow

I don’t wear shadow often, but when I do, Nars makes some of the very best (and as you can tell from my selects, I’m genuinely obsessed with their beauty products). This gorgeous palette was partially responsible for the look you’re seeing in these photos. It’s a high-pigmented, crease-resistant option for the woman who adores shadow.


There are rare days when I don’t have eyeliner lining my eyes. It’s an essential for moi! I fell in loooove with this certain stick and haven’t stopped wearing it since summer. For the days when I want a break from my usual black, I’m all about the copper Via Appia and gray Madison Avenue colors. Smudge proof and divine!

For even more of the metallic options that I swear by, shop the widget below. And of course, let me know if you have any favorites for creating a dramatic eye by way of metallic.

Photography by Cibelle Levi

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