The Power of Beauty Sleep

West Hollywood
May 25, 2016

When it comes to beauty sleep, no one is a bigger proponent than I am. Sleep not only has incredible health and wellness benefits, but it’s an all-natural way to look fresh and well rested every morning. The saying “woke up like this” only comes from those who are truly getting a good night’s sleep, well…beauty sleep! Some might even go as far as to say it’s the closest thing there is to the fountain of youth! So what ways can you ensure this beauty rest is actually occurring?

While a million different sources will claim a million different tricks, I can only speak to the experiences that I’ve had. Sometimes I feel like a mad scientist with all of the creams and beauty rituals I will attempt – all in the name of bringing you my real life findings!

While I’ve shared my morning and evening routines on The Beauty Edit, I’ve never shared my actual sleep routine with each of you. Although it might sound a bit crazy, I think there is definitely a ton of power in the ways in which you are sleeping. For example, I know that I have to get exactly seven hours of sleep to look and feel well rested. Any more or less will have me looking like a groggy mess. I also know that I have to sleep with an eye mask because light really affects my sleeping pattern. The minute the sun is up, I’m up. Yup, that’s right, no alarm clock for me! As you can imagine, this isn’t always ideal as the sun will rise before I get my proper seven hours in.

For years, I’ve used regular sleep masks, some that smelled like lavender, others that were just black out masks. My nightstand drawer is literally filled with sleep masks and every time I find a new one, I add it to my collection. The latest addition was a mask I found at Sephora by Iluminage – a mask that claims powerful anti-aging results through the use of copper technology.

As you may know, copper technology has been dubbed the new skincare savior by industry insiders. First, there was collagen; then there was copper – and Iluminage adapted this technology in a way that I’ve never seen before but have been super eager to try. Their silk eye masks and pillowcases are embedded with microscopic copper particles that are absorbed by the skin while you sleep. After just one month of using this, the biggest result I’ve noticed is in what I like to call the “sleepy-eyes”. My puffy morning eyes are completely gone, and I can’t help but notice that the fine lines around my eyes are not as prominent as they were before.

For a double dose, I’ve been using the eye mask AND the pillow! They are silky smooth too! Now I’m just wondering when I might be able to buy the full sheet set for an entire anti-aging body experience! I can’t help but wonder, have I discovered the actual fountain of youth?

Photos by Jessica Alexander

Thank you Illuminage for sponsoring this post.

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Your puppy is absolutely adorable!

Amanda Leon | Reads By Amanda http://www.readsbyamanda.com

This is seriously one of my favorite posts’ of yours! In love with your bedroom and vanity area, and love that Margo made an appearance. I also NEED to get myself a pair of those initialed PJ’s! 🙂


adore this post Z gallery always has the best furniture!


I absolutely love your blog and I am currently in the process of setting up my blog. I look to your blog for inspiration and as soon as my blog is up and running, I hope you’ll visit! love the energy your blog radiates!


Hi Naomi!

I’m so thrilled that you’ve found so much inspiration and life in the work I do! I can’t wait to see what you’re dreaming up!!


Thanks for sharing! I’m in need for a good sleep eye mask!


Absolutely! I’m in love with the Illuminage eye mask!


Pics are so cute! Can’t help but notice your jellybean initials! ;oP

The Emerald Girl

I have just started wearing a sleep mask and it does make a big difference! I’m going to try this copper one! Plus it’s so pretty!

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE tell me where your gorgeous bed is from! It’s exactly what I’ve been looking for.

You should definitely give the Illuminage mask a try! My bed is from Z Gallerie, in love with their chic style!


Thank you so much Jenny! I just called and asked for the fabric samples! It’s exactly what I’ve been looking for!!

Sleep is totally becoming my new best friend. I’m realizing how important 8 hours is (I used to only get 4-6!). It helps when your bed is cozy so I’ve been working on that-yours is great for inspo!

I used to love wearing sleeping masks! Somehow I’ve gotten out of the habit in the last few years though oddly. Thankfully I usually never have any trouble sleeping, I’m one of those people who just sleep like an absolute rock!


Thanks for this post! I really struggle with sleeping once the sun is up too. Why oh why haven’t I looked into a good eye mask before? Genius! That will help on days when I have a nagging migraine too and need to block out the sun. Definitely chic as all get out, but also sounds very useful. P.S. Margo is ADORBS in these shots.

xoxo – Kelly

Your blog posts are always so lovely! I’ve heard about the Iluminage set but have not tried it… but whatever you’re doing seems to be working because you look fab!

xo Bryn

Thank you so much Bryn!!

It’s amazing — truly. And I’m a huge advocate for beauty sleep. Next step: All copper sheets!


Looks so comfy, your dog is just too cute!


I do love me some Margo in my life!!


I could spend my whole day in those PJs! I also believe in the importance of sleeping well. My whole body recovers from a good night’s sleep.


I’ve never really liked sleep masks, but this one sounds like it’s worth a try!

xo, Carey

La Bijoux Bella | by mia

Sleep is the ultimate natural beauty essential that no amount of money can buy … Ever! Such a cute look of you and your cutie furry friend! So lovely! 🙂

La Bijoux Bella | by mia

I couldn’t agree more!

Margo and I require A LOT of beauty sleep!


I always come back to your blog to see some light and you never – ever – disappoint me!



Hi Aria!!

I’m so happy to hear that! There’s plenty more light where that came from!


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