About Jenny

Writer and content creator Jenny Cipoletti launched her site Margo & Me in 2014 and since its inception, has gained a serious online following, garnering millions of eyes across her multiple platforms. Margo & Me inspires effortless elegance and delicate femininity, with content focused in the style, beauty, and travel sectors. The Margo & Me story is told daily via Jenny’s various social media platforms, her dedicated YouTube channel and most importantly, through her site.

Along with her husband, photographer, and creative counterpart Freddie, the NYC based team stands out among the influencer mass by delivering visually striking and editorially-based stories on the regular. With career backgrounds in fashion publicity and film, the duo takes that knowledge along with their incessant drive to create more than an image made for social media. Instead, they’re here to create and share stories and to evoke a sense of escapism through their work and photography whether on Instagram or the beloved blog. Simply put, they’re confident in who they are as content creators and that devotion bleeds through what they share with the world.

Appearing as an authority in the digital style space, the digital darling has been asked to speak on numerous industry panels and can be found on some of the industries top listened to podcasts. She’s also collaborated creatively with a plethora of stateside and international brands a la Tom Ford, Tory Burch, Cartier, Michael Kors, Ralph Lauren, Dior, Lancôme, Moët, and retailers she converts for such as FarFetch, Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, Macy’s, Net-APorter, and the list goes on. Jenny has also contributed her journalist abilities to sites like Who What Wear, MyDomaine, Byrdie, and appeared on the cover of Martha Stewart Weddings after her 2016 French countryside wedding amassed serious attention.

With a highly engaged community and active readership, Jenny is able to deliver a desired lifestyle to her followers, who she passionately connects with daily. Whether sharing where to shop for this season’s “it” item, how to style a certain accessory, attain a specific beauty mark, or her must-see travel secrets, the dedicated Margo & Me community looks to Jenny for that guidance, which she happily delivers. Through multiple weekly blog posts, Instagram, Facebook + Twitter posts, YouTube Videos and exclusive newsletter content, readers occur able to follow along and shop Jenny’s life with the click of a mouse or tap of a finger – all with major trust behind everything that Margo & Me encompasses.

Margo & Me welcomes every collaborative opportunity that presents itself and has had the pleasure of working with a plethora of international brands in many different capacities. For your opportunity to align your brand with Margo & Me, please follow this link to the contact page.

Margo & Me Manifesto

Margo & Me is a digital destination for millennial women to visit and feel inspired to see the über feminine and delightful side of life in every moment of every day. Our stories of fashion, lifestyle and travel are colorful, aspirational and attainable but most importantly created with authenticity, love and admiration for the magnificent and grand world around us.

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