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Spring 2016 has some mega colorful lip trends to try; from ravishing red to a vampy oxblood and even a poppy pink.  The only thing more important than the color? Staying power! I love the look of a solid matte lip. My only problem? After just minutes of wear, the color begins to bleed, blend, feather and fade. So how do you get the look to stay on for hours on end? Use a primer that will even your lips to make that color really pop! These four are certainly changing my lipstick game.


Get The Look:



Liplift Lip Primer

This primer is very light and matte. Definitely helped my red last longer and prevented my dry lips from making the red clump up as it often does. My color was almost perfectly in tact.



TimeWise Age-Fighting Lip Primer

This is a great line-fighting primer and makes for a solid foundation to give you that pieces of mind for all day wear. It’s a great moisturizer – sometimes I just use it for that!



'L'Absolu' Rouge La Base

Get ready to pamper your lips with this creamy and luscious formula. It’s colorless and finely pearly, use this soft and comfortable balm day or night, alone or under your favorite lip color, to replenish, protect and wrap your lips with satiny shine.



Lip Insurance Lip Primer

This primer is more unique than the others. It feels a bit more like a gloss but maybe because it’s applied like one. It’s enriched with vitamin-E so it’s super hydrating while also acting as a pigment binder which helps protect staining from those deeper colors.

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  • Lauren Renee  • 

    Oh I have needed this! Thanks you darling Jenny girl! 🙂
    Also, I was wondering if you could do a post based on your inspo like your french 60’s bardot chic influence. My style mirrors that and I am also looking for some inspiring notions! Did you enjoy the flower fields? I live real close to they and I always love seeing them. 🙂 Have a lovely day darling. xo

  • Love your everything Jenny <3
    Thanks for posting and being so gorgeous (I've loved all your SnapChats recently – I'm actually addicted)!

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