7 Savory Hair + Body Oils

West Hollywood
January 29, 2018

After Friday’s face oils post, I received an overwhelming request to spotlight a few of my favorite hair and body oils too! And if I am being honest, I tend to mix these two together, wearing hair on my body and body on my hair – just depends on my mood.

I agree, it seems counterintuitive to put oil on clean hair but it’s become a serious favorite among beauty insiders.  Hair oils have long been used to tame frizziness, stimulate growth, nourish dry hair and prevent breakage. But if your hair is anything like mine, you have to wash every 3rd day because it gets too slick. So why use and how? After I am done styling I like to put a little on my tips to give some weight to my hair.

Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse

I first became completely ADDICTED to Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse a little over a year ago. Of course, it’s by the French but I actually discovered it here in LA from a hair stylist who was doing my hair for an event. One spray of that on my hair and I fell in love. It has hints of Orange Blossom, Magnolia and Vanilla. I think it’s Freddies favorite too because whenever I wear it, he always asks what I am wearing and says how much he loves it. My top recommendation because it’s also considered “multi-purpose” so you can use it on your hair and body!

Black Opium Hair and Body Oil

Also technically a hair + body oil, Saint Laurent’s Black Opium oil is a delicate treat! It has hints of coffee and vanilla bean which are irresistibly delicious! The texture leaves my skin feeling super silky and smooth.

Tom Ford Body Oil’s

Ahhh, Tom Ford. The king of fragrance. Just when I thought his traditional perfumes were my favorite, I was introduced to his body oils. First of all, they come in very large bottles so the price is justified.  I live in Soleil Blanc over the summer months, simply the smell reminds me of warm summer nights – so nostalgic for me. Neroli Portofino is another one I wear on repeat but mostly in the winter, it’s a deeper fragrance profile, a little sexier and more serious. Soleil is definitely more playful!

PHYTO Huile Supreme Rich Smoothing Oil

Formulated solely for your hair, I love PHYTO Huile Smoothing Oil because I really feel like it’s mission is to help my hair. It’s not for fragrance or for shine, it’s mission is to deliver nutrients deep down to the hairs core to make it smoother and shinier from the inside out.

OUAI Hair Oil

Yes ouai!! Sorry to say it but if you havent yet heard of or tried Ouai’s hair oil, you must be living under a rock! Get on the cult classic band wagon and go order this immediately, no explanation needed. Just. Use. It!

Oribe Cote D’Azur Hair & Body Oil

Cote D’ Azur, possibly one of my favorite fragrances in the universe – was first introduced to it by becoming a fanatic over Oribe’s texturing spray. It’s a seriously luxurious scent that combines bergamont, white butterfly jasmine and sandalwood very delicately. I like to put a little on the tips of my hair every morning.



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Tu est une beauté, comme toujours ! I love reading your advice on beauty subjects. Tell me, how is that you sprays the Nuxe oil in your hair? I only know the classic version of this oil. Thanks for your time!

I rub it in my hands first! xx

I love to use hair oils and I recently got into spraying my body with oils instead of using moisturizer. I haven’t tried any of these ones, but will have to check them out. I heard Ouia is supposed to be amazing, too! Thanks for sharing your list.


OOOO I’ll have to try spraying, haven’t yet! xx

You look AMAZING! Love this pink shade on you with the dark grey <3


Thanks so much Hayley! It’s one of my favorite combos of the moment. x

Amazing look!!

I love the pants


Loving these lists of curated products!
Keep ’em coming!


YAY! I’ll keep them coming, xx

you look stunning in this outfit ! I was wondering if putting oil on the body doesn’t leave any kind of stains on your outfit ? do you have to wait before getting dressed? xx

I especially love oil at night, but if you wait about 30 min after applying (I get in my robe and do my makeup), you should be good!

This look is sooo gorgeous, love that coat and pants !


Beth Shankle Anderson

Love the windowpane trousers paired with that awesome pink coat! Great combination! 🙂

Beth || http://www.TheStyleBouquet.com

I have used hair oil for as long as I can remember – it’s something that is so common in India growing up! Right now though, I love the Gisou hair oil for everyday because it’s light and doesn’t make my hair oily and I love the Ouai oil too. I use it on my body as well!


I’m so glad I found oils! Glad you love just as much.

That Nude Huile Prodigies sounds perfect for my collection!


Love the pop of blush. You look so chic and elegant.

|| The Neon Factor, by Diana ||

Thanks love! It’s one of my favorite colors of the moment!

La Bijoux Bella | by mia

Love ❤️ the pink jacket look paired with grey coulour outfit! ❤️❤️

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