5 Key Pieces for a Perfectly Parisian Wardrobe

October 13, 2016

In today’s My Style segment, I’m sharing my deep love for French girl fashion. Chic, effortless, and insanely sophisticated, it’s no wonder that I fell head over heels in love with the French. In the fashion world we live in, where trends and styles are constantly changing and shifting, what makes the iconic French “IT Girl” so unique is her ability to exude an effortless elegance. It’s all in the way a french girl carries herself – she never let’s anything wear her. So what are the fundamental pieces that makes up a stellar collection of timeless looks? Press play to discover a Parisian girl’s key pieces and you’ll be dressing like a French style icon in no time! For all the details from today’s video shop the post below and don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE!

The All Occassions Blouse 

The Smoking Jacket

The Kitten Heel

The Structured Handbag

Video by Tim and Co. Productions

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Hi Jenny,
Could you do an updated French dressing video? I loved the one you did in 2016!
Love your style so much!

hey babe! we aren’t doing as much video anymore but will definitely add it to our list. thank you so much for the idea. xx

Great collection. Love how simple yet elegantly chic the parisian style is..

xx Menellia

Je t’aime! <3 French is my soul. Love your blog!!!

I loved the video <3 but, I would like to know more details about the outfit that you are wearing in the begining of the video… when you are seeing the dresses. Is that a white blouse with a dress? or just a dress? What is the brand? I'm deeply in love with it. I'm sorry my english but its not my language. xoxo

Hey girl! Great video, have to say the black jumpsuit looks fab! I know it wasn’t an outfit you were talking about, but loved it! Where did you get it from?

Fantastic video, so beautiful, what store were you in because the dresses at 0.22 were amazing, are they available for purchase? Xx

hey i was just wondering who makes your red jacket at 0:17 in the video!

Dear Jenny,
First, congratulations for your new website and for this cute video. As a Parisian woman, I’m always happy to observe that our so call “effortless elegance” stays a fashion must whatever fashion trends are… As an LA girl, I think you catch it really well! I just have few comments about details that just jumped out at me. The all occasion blouse part is perfect, with a pair of jeans or a black straight skirt, we do wear this kind of blouse all the time! About the smoking jacket, it would rather be navy blue or black. Except in Summer, we hardly ever wear a white jacket. Then, some good inspirations for the kitten heels, except the too “bling” ones 😉 You might have noticed during your stay in Paris that we very rarely wear showy items (like screaming logos or shiny colors..). And last, about bags, we usually invest in a quality one in a neutral color (black, camel, burgundy, dark green), so we can easily wear it, whatever the color of our jacket or coat.
Well sorry, for being “painful”, it’s just that when I read about French or Parisian “something”, I can’t help outlining what I think true about it 😉
Wish all the best for your new blog!


Totally agree.
Wearing logos is not style.

I just love all of these and they suit you so well! I’ve always been inspired by the simple, classic, and chic style of French women. Thanks so much for sharing. Have a lovely day.

XOXO, Amy @ Jeans and a Tea

I’m obsessed with Paris so this post was practically made for me! Thanks for putting together such a great read and style tips. Also really adore your video too!

Style by Pear

Beautiful video Jenny!

I’m currently in Paris working with a stylist to finally create my capsule wardrobe. Your video has definitely given me some ideas.

Keep those videos coming. #obsessed

Loved this video! Who doesn’t want to be mistaken for a Parisian?!

xo, Carey

I absolutely love your youtube videos, the effort and care you put in all of them really comes across through the quality of the videos!


I really enjoyed the video, Jenny! I loved the 60’s vibe and the pieces you feature 🙂


Thanks sweetheart!


Hi Margo! I particularly love your black boots – where are they from?

Thank you x

I love this! The video is beautifully done.
|| D I A N A ||

Thank you so much Diana!


La Bijoux Bella | by mia

Very true! The ultimate quintessential of the Parisienne style! Love the video idea! 🙂

La Bijoux Bella | by mia

LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this!!! Can we all just move to Paris please? 😉



I know, right?!


Also, adore that you are starting to include some cheaper price options as well! Obviously swooning over designer goodies- but love seeing you in more “real girl” options!

Always!! You’d be surprised by how many are “real girl” options! Way more to come!!


This comes in perfect timing as I get ready to pack for my Paris trip! Thank you so much for all of your great tips!

Amazing! So happy to help! Bon voyage!!


i love Parisian fashion! it’s my absolute favourite so, naturally, i adored this post <3


So glad you loved!


Your Youtube video was so fun and well put together! Love all these pieces!

xx, Hannah


Glad you’re loving all the content!


Carrément chic ! I am loving your video series!


Thanks Love!


Tres Bien!! Absolutely adore this video! Who doesn’t admire the French girls effortless style?! You have definitely mastered it!

xo Bryn

I know, French gals know what they’re doing!!


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