Miss Dior Absolutely Blooming

LOCATION:  Beverly Hills
As inspiration boards tend to go, mine have always prominently featured layered magazine cutouts of the ultimate in femininity, often starring the iconic images of Natalie Portman as Miss Dior, of course. I’m not sure what I love most…
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How To Get The Perfect Cat Eye

LOCATION: West Hollywood, CA
In today’s Beauty Edit segment, I’ll be talking about signature beauty look. When it comes to signature style, we all have our defaults and over the years, the cat eye has come to be one of my favorites. So many of you ask what my tricks are so…
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A Mother’s Scent & Sensibility

LOCATION:  West Hollywood
Growing up my Mom was always my number one confidant. To this day she is still the first person I call with exciting news and the one person whose voice I hear louder than anyone’s guiding me through my days, even when she isn’t there. She’s always done a beautiful….
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As our Ladurée part two post, I am excited to share what dress up, high tea dreams are made of. It’s not every day that opportunity happens, and as I mentioned in Wednesdays post, this concept had been a dream of mine to create for years….
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Au Naturel in Dior

As Spring quickly approaches, we treat ourselves to an entirely new variation of products that make us feel luminous and extraordinary for the warm months ahead. Like the Cherry Blossom trees of sweet, Paris, we begin to bloom again! This season, the new beauty standard is…
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Fashion Week

Tres Jolie

One of my favorite things about fashion week is having the opportunity to wear head to toe, stylized designer looks – something I can’t exactly get away with in my everyday life. I have to admit, the thought of packing for a week in New York winter was a bit terrifying, but there were a few…
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